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Making It Happen
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Chapter Seven: Making It Happen

Chapter Seven: Making It Happen

- 1 week before Katara's birthday -

The necklace is done, I've asked her father. There's just one last thing before the actual proposal. Planning it of course. But how... Aang looked to the moon, hoping that somehow, it would serve as an inspiration to him. Turns out, it actually did.

He remembered that the moon would reach its full stage on the day of her birthday itself, and it would be the perfect, most appropriate scene to pop the question. The moon was her symbol, what made her proud to be a waterbender, to make the vow to be together under her symbol, praying, that the Moon spirits would watch over them on that fateful day.

The day that defined their turning point in their love, a day where they would have to dedicate their lives to each other, to share weal and woe, in sickness or in health, in wealth or poverty.

To re-enact the situation 4 years ago... The ideas came to Aang like the water flowing down the creek. It would take more than the moon. Maybe... "Penguin sledding!" The first day he looked into those powerful, deep ocean-blue eyes. The day they had their first time together, alone. The day she taught him the art of catching a penguin. Their "first date" together.

The crater, the iceberg... of course. Aang smiled.

But how... to make this proposal special? He thought all of their memories together, Penguin sledding. Waking up in her arms after I slipped out from the Avatar State. Our first argument at Kyoshi Island. Katara teaching me waterbending. Pouring out all my grief during the storm.

The flower necklace... The Panda Lily... Cloudbending, perfect.

Aang scribbled all his ideas on his notepad, feeling ever so contented. This proposal is going to be perfect.

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