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Makarov was a lieutenant in the Royal Procession during the Hundred Year War and later led an organization called the Inner Circle that was bent on overthrowing Fire Lord Zuko.

Makarov was known to be a skilled Firebender, his talent rivaling Azula. He was also known as a ruthless yet cunning strategist, and believed whatever he did was justified in the end. Makarov was a true believer in Phoenix King Ozai's views, that the Fire Nation should rule the world. After Zuko came to power following Ozai's defeat at Wulong Forest, he decided to create his own organization to overthrow Zuko, since Makarov believed he was not leading the Fire Nation in the right direction.

Makarov was considered an overall prodigy by his superiors, family, and friends. With the IQ level of a genius, he always got top grades in school. Makarov also mastered several musical instruments with ease in a short amount of time, and afterwards just threw them in the trash. He was also considered a highly skilled Firebender, managing to defeat Azula in a quick Agni Kai. He did not use blue flames, though. Makarov was noted to be a cunning tactician and strategist, carefully planning a coup that effectively overthrew the Fire Lord, and kept him bottled up on a remote island; while fighting a global war on multiple fronts.


Early Life

Makarov was born around seventeen or eighteen years prior to the discovery of Avatar Aang in the iceberg at the Southern Water Tribe. Born on Hing Wa Island, his family was a working class one. His father, Zakhaev, was a colonel in the Fire Nation Army, and was killed fighting in the northern Earth Kingdom. Zakhaev had intended for his son to go to the Caldera Naval Academy in the Fire Nation Capital. Makarov always had excellent grades at school, and with his father's recommendation, he entered the academy.

Military Career

Makarov graduated the Caldera Naval Academy around the Siege of the North. He was given the rank of warrant officer upon graduation, and was posted on a Fire Nation cruiser in the Fire Navy blockade of the Mo Ce Sea. He carried out his tasks well, and by the time of the Coup of Ba Sing Se, his vessel was sent to city to help the occupation forces.

During that time, they came into contact with the ship Team Avatar and the Water Tribe warriors stole. After a brief confrontation between Makarov's superior and Chief Hakoda, the vessels started firing at each other; after the crew of the Avatar's vessel attacked his superior. They pursued them until the Serpent attacked their vessel.

Fire Navy ships

Makarov served in the Fire Navy.

After making it to Ba Sing Se, the general staff of the military decided to place Makarov in the Royal Procession for his skill. Via airship, he was sent to Ozai's airship base for an attack on Wulong Forest with the rest of the air fleet.


During the Battle at Wulong Forest, Makarov was serving aboard Ozai's personal airship. He was hand picked by the Phoenix King. Makarov had a short conversation with Phoenix Lord Ozai, in which he hinted to Makarov that you don't need superpowers to start a war, just the determination of a single man. Makarov considered the thought, which he followed up on later.

The Avatar ended up causing the royal airship to crash into the forest, with Makarov aboard. Him and the crew had to wait until after the battle to be rescued. Afterwards, they returned to the Fire Nation with the crews of the others airships.


Uniform firebenders

Makarov and another soldier during the battle for Yu Dao.

Makarov and the other Imperial Firebenders, already being in the Earth Kingdom, were told to wait at the Fire Nation colonies, specifically Yu Dao, for the arrival of the newly crowned Fire Lord Zuko; due to the violence involving the Harmony Restoration Movement. After the Fire Lord's arrival, he ordered Makarov and the others to fight alongside the regular army against the attacking forces of the Earth Kingdom army and air force, under Earth King Kuei. During the ensuing battle between the Fire Nation and Earth Kingdom forces, he thought that perhaps Zuko did have similar views to his father. As the battle went on, he fought against the Earthbenders and evens good his ground against Toph Beifong and her team. However, he reluctantly pulled back after Avatar Aang stopped the conflict and made Zuko and Kuei make a peace treaty.

Makarov, realizing that Zuko is not as much of a strong leader as Ozai, had his suspicions confirmed. Disgraced by Zuko's leadership, he resigned from the Royal Procession shortly after the battle's end. Several of his comrades who agreed with him also left the Procession.

New Objective

Makarov and his comrades wandered from Yu Dao southwards, looking for passage to the Fire Nation from a non-navy affiliated source. They passed through towns like Garsai and Taku. Eventually, they found a merchant willing to take them there. On the journey, Makarov and his best friend, Kazuo, a former sergeant of the Procession, decided to name their organization the "Inner Circle". At the same time, Makarov came up with a plan to take on the new Fire Lord and take the Fire Nation.


After arriving on Hing Wa Island, Makarov and his comrades made their way to the Fire Nation Capital aboard a Fire Navy vessel commanded by one of Makarov's old acquaintances. Nonetheless, he drew much respect from the Fire Nation armed forces despite his desertion, due to his high amount of Firebending skill and dedication. After arriving at the capital, he lead his comrades, eleven men total, into the Fire Nation Royal Palace. They made their way through the guards quite easily, since most surrendered rather than face him. After arriving in the throne room, he had a short Agni Kai with Zuko before the Fire Lord retreated, after being vitally injured by Makarov. Most of the officers, such as General Bujing, decided they would rather have him as their leader than Zuko.

Ozai's airship

Makarov's personal airship.

Makatov declared himself the new Phoenix King, and ordered the upgrading of the Fire Nation military. In the meantime, the military's ultranationalist forces (those following Makarov) faced off against the loyalist troops (the ones still loyal to Zuko). The Fire Lord and his forces were pinned down on Xin Island, since the vast majority of the military joined Makarov. Team Avatar was occupied in the Earth Kingdom, and were unaware of the civil war.

New War

Keeping the Fire Lord bottled up, he ordered the invasion of the Earth Kingdom and Water Tribes. A fleet of airships lead by himself attacked the newly Earth Kingdom-occupied colonies. A fleet under Admiral Chan attacked the Northern Water Tribe, while a fleet under Admiral Liang attacked the Southern Water Tribe. The Avatar and his friends found out too late, and were separated, anyways.


  • Being Russian, I decided to give the character a Slavic name, in contrast to the mainstream Asian names used in the World of Avatar.
    • This is also why I provided a Russian translation of the name rather than a Chinese one.
  • If you couldn't tell already, this is based on the world famous Call of Duty video game.

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