Makapu Village
Makapu Village
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Messing with the Clouds



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January 26, 2014

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Bonus Chapter: Makapu Village

Bonus Chapter: Makapu Village

Bonus Chapter - Makapu Village

Aang stepped towards the mouth of the volcano, and looked over the rim in delight. There, were the lilies, and the once bubbling lava was now a flat piece of hardened rock.

He picked one closest to him, and smelled the sweet scent of the beautiful flower. He took the flower and put it in the mini vase in his pouch. He glanced back at Makapu Village.

Perhaps I should pay a visit.

Aang jumped down the slope of the volcano, using airbending to cushion his fall, landing gracefully with a gentle thud. He walked towards the direction of the village.

The twins whom Aang met 4 years ago were walking down the street, passing by the entrance, in a heated conversation whether a hog monkey was more of a hog, or a monkey. One of them had a glimpse of Aang and did a double take, staring at him. The other followed his glance towards the airbender.

"Avatar Aang?!" The twins exclaimed in disbelief. The twins, Ping and Poi, were there, standing at the entrance of the village. As Aang approached closer, Poi squinted. "It really is him!"

"Are you sure? It might be one of those crazy fans of his again, remember? One of the half-bald women? Claiming to be the co-founders of the Air... Air something." Ping remarked.

"Air Acolytes." Aang smiled, walking towards the twins.

"Yeah that's it!"

"It really is you Avatar Aang!" Ping and Poi bowed in respect. Aang bowed back.

"What brings you back to our village?"

"I was taking a panda lily from the volcano, and I thought I make come and visit the village and Aunt Wu."

"I see."

"I see too!"

"Well, it was nice seeing the both of you again, but I have to find Aunt Wu now, see you!" Aang rushed off.

He spotted Aunt Wu's hut across the street, when a pair of red shoes caught his eyes, the wearer being a familiar man. He was with a charming young lady; they looked perfect for each other. Most importantly, they were happy together. I guess he found his true love.

Aang walked towards the hut, the strange man stood outside the door, like he did years ago. "Aunt Wu is expecting you, Avatar Aang" he gestured towards the door and slid them open, Aang stepped inside of the hut, and he heard the doors shut behind him.

He looked around the hut, things haven't changed a bit, the 3 pillow seats were still there, and into the room walked... Meng. She had changed a lot since he last saw her, from a clumsy girl into a graceful young lady.

The braids that stuck out from the side of her head were now tied into a single braid and side-swept onto her right shoulder, her bangs were still there and her pink robe was now a green cheongsam.

Her head was still looking towards the floor. "My name is Meng and I'm Aunt Wu's assistant," she looked up and her eyes widened, she gasped.

"Aang?" he had a good look at her now, her front tooth had grown, and her facial features had matured significantly.

"Hi Meng." Aang smiled.

"Oh! It's so good to see you!" Meng thrust herself towards Aang, Aang being taken aback. Aang hugged her back awkwardly and pried himself away from her.

"Erm, I'm looking for Aunt Wu, is she in?"

Meng had a disheartened look on her face, and pointed towards the chamber. "She's back there." Meng refused to look into Aang's eyes.

She retreated towards the back of the room and turned left, while Aang turned right into Aunt Wu's chamber. He knocked on the door and slid it open.

"Welcome, young Avatar."

"Greetings, Aunt Wu." He bowed.

"Take a bone!" She beamed.

Aang walked towards the stand with the bones in it, randomly picked one, and then knelt down on the seat beside Aunt Wu. Automatically, he threw it into the fire, for a while there were only slight fissures, but one huge crack down the side of the bone, not as powerful as the previous prediction, but still enough to shock both Aang and Aunt Wu, causing Aunt Wu to gasp.

"Well, what's that supposed to mean?"

"Young Avatar. You will meet challenges along your way, but the ultimate test set will take place several years from now, you will meet evil again."

Aang looked to the fire, it was still burning bright, in the fire lurked a face. A face of a man, a man he had never seen before. Time is an illusion. So, it's someone I will meet. Aang remembered his words from the swamp.

"It's someone I will meet." Aang breathed.

Aunt Wu looked clearly uncomfortable. "So um, how's life treating you recently?"

"Fairly well," Aang grinned, thinking of Katara.

"Found your true love, haven't you?"

Aang nodded slowly, beaming at Aunt Wu.

"Let me guess, you're going to propose to her."

Aang looked to her, how does she know? He remembered that she was a fortune-teller, so he just simply nodded.

"Will she agree?" Aang was starting to feel anxious.

"That depends on you, but if she really loves you, she would definitely agree."

"I hope so."

"How is Katara? I have yet to thank Katara for her seaweed lotion. It worked wonders! Send my regards to her though."

"I will."

"Is Sokka still as gloomy as ever?"

"Nope, he's much better, and he's much more matured being an 18 year old."

Aang and Aunt Wu chuckled.

They continued their conversation for a while.

"Well, I guess I'll be going now. Thank you for everything, Aunt Wu."

"It's my pleasure."

Aang stepped out of the chamber, and was face to face with... Meng.

"Look, Aang, even after all these years, I still like you, a lot. I used to change crushes every week, but now, I guess I really like you. But I know you're happy with the Water Tribe girl, and I wish you all the best."

Aang was startled, but managed to compose himself. "Thank you Meng."

There were tears bubbling in Meng's eyes, threatening to roll down that instant. The tears rolled freely down her face when she hugged Aang for the last time. "Goodbye Aang."

Aang walked towards the door, and took off on his glider. You'll find your prince someday Meng.

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