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By Alexdpny Part of the Avatar: Spirit Chronicles continuity.
Biographical information

Southern Water Tribe


c.855 BG (aged 103)

Physical description


Hair color


Eye color


Personal information
Weapon of choice


Fighting style(s)

Water, Fire, Air, Earth


Tongo (formerly)


Tongo, Ong Tribe

Chronological and political information

Tribe Leader, Avatar


Tribe Leader


Southern Water Tribe


Early Life

Maira was a resident of the Water Tribe, now the Northern Water Tribe. She grew up learning to heal and became the best in the entire tribe. At the age of 15, when she found out she was Avatar, she asked Chief Karloon to be trained in waterbending combat, however he refused. Because of this Maira entered the Avatar State and destroyed half most of the Water Tribe palace.


Maira and other locals decided to leave the North Pole shortly after Maira mastered waterbending. After weeks of planning Water Tribe members left the pole to form their own tribe at the South Pole, now the Southern Water Tribe. Along the way Maiara would master the elements. During her journey she met a mysterious woman who said to call her Occulta. Occulta used her Chi Blocking abilities to leave Maira helpless. But after Maira stopped a Platypus Bear from attacking her, Occulta joined Maira on her journey. Occulta later confided in Maira that she was an Air Nomad named Ictus. She left the Northern Air Temple at a young age because she was the only one who couldn't Airbend. She changed her name, learned Chi Blocking, and became a person wrapped in mystery. At a stop in the Earth Kingdom, with Maiara earthbending teacher Tongo, they set up camp at a forest. After and accidental combination of waterbending and earthbending, the forest was flooded and became a swamp. A few waterbenders were sent back to the swamp to clean it up, however they stayed there and eventually formed the Foggy Swamp Tribe.


Upon arriving at the South Pole, the water benders began building a city. Shortly after the city had become a very populated city Tongo, having been revealed as the ruthless leader of the Ong Tribe a tribe of savage earthbenders, attacked the new tribe in order to establish waterbenders in their tribe and claim new land. Maira and other warriors fought hard to protect the city, and after months of fighting the Ongs were almost entirely wiped out and they left the South Pole.

Later Life

Maira continued to live in the South Pole and rule as the tribe leader. Her descendants continue to rule today, making Katara and Sokka her descendents, and thus spiritually related to Aang similar to Zuko and Azula by being related to Roku


Maira was a very beautiful women, like most Water Tribe girls. She was graceful and kind.


Maira was a very kind and generous person. She offered help to anyone who asked. She rarely hurt anyone only in dire situations.


Maira was a very powerful opponent. She used her abilities only to disarm or stun, she never killed anyone. She often used Earthbending to ccreate tunnels beneath a battle field and bend water through the tunnels to attack her opponents.

Preceded by
Avatar in the Spirit Destruction continuity
c.903 BG - c.855 BG
Succeeded by

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