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Azula, Savas, Yudo, Bharato, Et Dah, Choy, Phoenix Estates


Zuko, Kumaro, Azara, Mai, Saif, Toph, Rin, Lo Gan, Kavi, Wei, Hari, Sakura, Sun Warriors, Earth Kingdom, Fire Nation, Wter Tribes

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Chapter I:The Secessions

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Mainyu was the middle child of Zuko and Mai. He was Kumaro's younger brother, and Azara's older brother. He was a very busy person, as all he does is eat, sleep, Firebend, and read. He agreed with the ideas of his great great grandfather, Sozin, and expressed them to the point he has gotten into trouble for doing so. He left his family because his disagreed with them so much, and he went to the Phoenix Estates. When there, he fought almost twenty guards, one of which was a prodigy, the other, an impressive warrior. He was almost taken to prison, when he told his aunt that he could get her a gem that would enhance Firebending to the point of Sozin's Comet, and that the same gem could give a person bending powers. He traveled to the sun warrior ruins with Savas and Yudo. When there, he lead the pair through the city and around the various booby traps. when they got to the Fire Ruby, they were confronted by some sun warriors. With the power of the Fire Ruby, he was able to burn the two who attacked him to a crisp. He then traveled back to the Phoenix Estates, bringing his aunt the ruby, and leaving dozens of his men dead without a proper burial. Later, he left the ruby, and traveled to the Northern Water Tribe to get the Water Sapphire, simply so the Water Tribe would not have a weapon to counter the Fire Ruby. When there, when he saw he had failed, he ordered the Water Tribe be bombed. He later encountered Kumaro and, after trying to convince him to join the Phoenix Estates, captured him. He then fought Lo Gan during a rescue attempt. He easily beat him, and then called the troops to grab the trio of Lo, Wei, and Hari. After that, Kumaro broke free, and took Savas and Yudo hostage, demanding the release of his friends. Mainyu viewed Savas and Yudo as took skilled soldiers to let die, so he agreed. He then traveled back to the Phoenix Estates. When there, he commanded the forces that captured Jai Zha, and took the governess hostage. Later, he handed the governess over to Bharato so he could use her as a hostage. Later he lead the Phoenix Estates army that would attack the northern Fire Nation. His army was pushed back to Aggni, where he fought in the Battle for Aggni, and escaped with Bharato in an airship. Later, he fought at Ba Sing Se, and was taught how to generate lightning. He used this technique to destroy part of Ba Sing Se's outer wall. The airship he was in, however, was brought down, and he fought on the ground. Kumaro and Aditi then fought him, and defeated him. He was then sentenced to live in the Earth Kingdom for two years.


Mainyu was relatively always angry, because, his father Zuko, cared more about the oldest child, Kumaro, and his mother, Mai, was most interested in the youngest child, Azara. He felt unloved because of this. He also had a short temper, as seen when he attacked Et Dah for calling him a "little boy".


Mainyu was a very well educated person, and spends every bit of his spare time studying Fire Nation texts. His abilities as a Firebender were usually underestimated due to his age, but he had the ability to defeat great warriors and benders like Savas and Yudo.


  • Mianyu and Azara are pretty much good twin, evil twin.

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