By Skybender101 Part of the Legend of Mei Lien continuity.
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Mailo is a character from the fanon Legend of Mei Lien written by Skybender101.


Mailo was born in a rich family in the high areas of Ba Sing Se. Growing up, he was considered a respectful man. At the age of 19, he was assigned as to be the Earth King's highest general's assistant. The highest general was named Ranu. For a long six years, Mailo assisted Ranu and they became loyal friends. Mailo realized that Ranu was trying to overthrow the Earth King and rule the world.

Alas, Mailo was his trusty assistant, so he followed Ranu's ingenious plan. Recently, he started to have mixed feeling for Ranu and the Earth King. He believes that his masters preposition of ruling the world is horrible.

Appearance and Traits

Mailo appears to have short black hair with green eyes. He is a tall man who wears a traditional Earth Kingdom outfit.

Mailo is respectful, but also a little devilish. He tends to try to follow a lot of things that Ranu does.


Mailo is an expert with Dual Swords. He is not an Earthbender, but has been teaching himself how to use Dual Swords for years. He is quite good with them. He also sometimes uses his bow staff to practice with.

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