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Lee, Kaoru, Yuki, Jared, Haysumi, Yuki

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Maika is a 13 year old Airbender and the younger sister of Lee. She is a character in the fanon Avatar: War of Nations.


Maika is a 13 year old Airbender who grew up in the Eastern Air Temple with the other Airbender girls, only meeting her older brother Lee twice every month due to Air Nomad laws. When the Council of Elders decided to send several of their Airbenders to a training academy after discussions with the other nations, Maika was chosen as one of the students to attend. At the Sinae training academy, Maika met her older brother Lee and new friends Kaoru, Jared, Haysumi, and Yuki.


Maika is a cheerful but shy young girl. Though she is young, Maika is quite mature for her age, showing how she thinks differently from kids her age. While being mature for age, Maika is very shy in that she could stand by Lee and his friends and not say anything unless spoken too. Once she opens up to people, Maika is always known as the girl with a bright smile.


Maika is a gifted Airbender but she is still learning the basics. While she is able to create gusts of wind and air blades, they aren't that powerful being able to only temporarily knock people back. While her skills are still growing, Maika is known as one of the fastest runners in the Sinae academy. Her ability to run faster than other Airbenders is one of the reasons she is known as the fastest runner at the academy.

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