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Warning! This page contains spoilers for The Weatherbenders.

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Mai, a secondary member of Team Avatar in The Weatherbenders, is a specialist in weaponry and the current girlfriend of Fire Lord Zuko.


84 - 100 AG

Mai was born to her parents, who, according to her, gave her what she want as long as she kept to herself. Early in life, she met Princess Azula and Ty Lee while attending the Royal Fire Academy for Girls. She also met Zuko and developed a crush on him.

Her father was the ruler of Omashu while the city was under Fire Nation control. She lived here for a brief time with her mother and her baby brother, Tom-Tom. However, she was not interested in living here, and agreed to go with Azula and Ty Lee on a mission to track down Avatar Aang, Team Avatar and Zuko.

After Ba Sing Se fell to the Fire Nation, Mai was re-united with Zuko on a date set up by Azula. The date was awkward at points, but, at the end of the night the two re-captured their crushes on each other, starting their relationship.

The relationship was on and off, reaching its lowest point when Zuko betrayed the Fire Nation on the Day of Black Sun. When Zuko was caught at the Boiling Rock and arrested, Mai came back to him there in heartbreak, upset that he had left her to join Team Avatar. Despite this, Mai later betrayed Azula to allow Zuko, Sokka and other inmates to escape. Mai was imprisoned for her betrayal, along with Ty Lee, who also betrayed the Fire Nation princess moments later.

Mai was released from the prison at the end of the War, mostly thanks to her uncle being the warden of the prison. On Zuko's day of coronation as Fire Lord, the two were re-united and resumed their relationship.

100 - 102 AG

Mai lived with Zuko at the Fire Nation Royal Palace, now as Zuko's girlfriend. She slowly started to shed her shell a little more, as being around Zuko made her happier and more open. She fought against a revolt in 101 AG, using her skills in weaponry.

Mai also remained friends with Ty Lee, and also acquaintances with Team Avatar, though not quite fully in friendship.

The Weatherbenders continuity

Early defeat and sadness

Mai later had to move into action again upon the rising threat of The Meteorologists. She now is working with Team Avatar to stop the newest threat to the world.

They encountered this group in chapter five. Mai was originally aligned to team up with Toph against Ezan. However, when Zuko was defeated by Zorro, she changed positions to take over for her fallen boyfriend and team up with Aang. Ezan joined this when he defeated Toph. Aang and Mai put up a valiant fight, but to no avail when Zorro and Ezan overwhelmed the entire team with heat manipulation.

They all went to the Southern Water Tribe for healing. There, she and Zuko learned of Ty Lee's death. The normally emotionless Mai was saddened greatly, to the point of many tears.

Conflict and resolution with Katara

Mai and Katara had not gotten along well after the War due to their sharp personality contrasts. While Mai was at least attempting to move on from Ty Lee's death, Katara remained emotional, which annoyed Mai.

In chapter twelve, while Katara got upset thinking about Ty Lee during dinner, Mai expressed her annoyance, which prompted a verbal altercation between the two. When Katara got into Mai's face while making a point, Mai retaliated by shoving the Waterbender to the ground. Katara got up and shoved Mai back, and soon thereafter, they were in a physical fight. After a few minutes of pushing and shoving and attempts to get blows, Toph broke up the fight by stomping the ground, thus creating an earthquake which knocked the two down.

After this, Mai and Katara had a close talk. It was here that Mai opened up to Katara about her past, explaining why she was never the emotional type. When Katara could see that Mai was still hurt, Mai finally broke down and admitted to her still missing Ty Lee and still feeling sadness over her death, despite attempts to move on. Katara comforted Mai with a hug, which she returned. With this, Mai and Katara had finally become friends.

Fighting for the Earth Kingdom

Mai agreed to stay in the Earth Kingdom and fight alongside Toph, Suki, and Reeaki. They would be defending against Zorro's forces in the Attack on the Earth Kingdom, as part of The Tri-National Showdown.

Mai went with Suki to the Mining village on 14 September, after the rest of the team had gone their separate ways from Fong's base, the launching point of the counter-attack against Zorro's Fire Nation. Mai struggled early, at one point being cornered. However, she used some quick thinking to disarm a soldier, and re-gained her momentum. Despite her efforts alongside other forces, however, the Mining village fell.

On day two, Mai continued to fight hard. She started alongside Suki, but then teamed up with Toph after Suki was pulled from the battlefield. Her and Toph made a formidable team, as Mai combined her weaponry with Toph's Earthbending. However, her supply of weapons was running low at a point, and her ability to fight was lessened. She couldn't do much more in the way of fighting before the battle drew to Fong's base, where Reeaki's move stopped the Fire Nation.


Mai was first given treatment for her injuries at Fong's base. After this, she joined her other allies in waiting for the rest of Team Avatar, specifically Zuko. When Katara and Sokka arrived first, Mai deepened her new friendship with Katara as they each waited for their respective boyfriends that night, who were in the Fire Nation.

When Zuko and Aang returned from the Fire Nation, Mai shared an emotional reunion with Zuko, welcoming him back into her heart. It showed that the two remained strongly in love.

She was later seen with all of Team Avatar following Zuko's re-coronation, open to the idea of another reunion at some point.


As a result of her upbringing, Mai tends to be a quiet and reserved person, and doesn't show much emotion. She has a lack of interest in many fields, and also gets bored rather easily. Mai, however, does kick into gear easily when called upon for battle.

Around Zuko, however, Mai shows much more emotion and is more open. It is with Zuko as well that she becomes truly happy, emotion she doesn't even show around her close friends like Ty Lee. However, since her relationship with Zuko began in full, she has started to become a little more open and shows a little more emotion, but remains the same for the most part.

This changed after her altercation with Katara in chapter twelve. After they fought, they settled down for a talk, which got Mai to open up more about her past life and her pain over Ty Lee's death. This event helped Mai to become more open in general, smoothing her personality out somewhat.


Mai is experienced with weaponry such as knives and stilettos. She is very dangerous; any one shot from her can cause significant harm to an opponent. However, it is harder for her to battle against a bender, but she has shown resolve. She is very hard to defeat in any battle.

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