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"I'm one of the most powerful women in the world, the ruler of Phoenix City, a close adviser and friend to Supreme Fire Lord Azula, yet I'd trade it all for a muffin."
— Mai expressing her opinion to her daughter, Quanlee
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The Fire Lord's Son

Mai is the Ruler of Phoenix City, the mother of Quanlee, and a high adviser and friend to Supreme Fire Lord Azula and Ty Lee. She is well known for assisting Azula in her eventually successful quest for world domination.

Following the death of her former lover Zuko at Azula's hands, Mai went on to marry a nobleman. She bore one daughter, Quanlee, whom she loved greatly. Mai quickly passed on her ways of gloom and boredom onto her daughter. Once Azula became Supreme Fire Lord, Mai was subsequently made the Governess of Phoenix City, a position she detested being given. Mai has been shown to express great sympathy toward Avatar Chen, as he reminds her of Zuko. Mai has also directly shown disloyalty to Azula, though she has never actually stood up to her before.

Mai's skills in dagger-throwing are at an incredible level, and she is considered to be one of the greatest warriors on the planet.


Final Battle with Katara

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While Azula and Zuko fought their final battle, Mai and Ty Lee fought Katara. Katara was unable to defeat the both of them, and, upon seeing Zuko get killed by Azula, fell completely apart, allowing Ty Lee to block her Chi by surprise. Mai was also slightly upset about Zuko, so she allowed Ty Lee to defeat Katara. The shock of the death and the blocked Chi caused Katara to die. As a result, Mai was one of the few people praised at Azula's coronation as Fire Lord, the others being Ozai, Ty Lee, Lo, and Li.

Conquering Kyoshi Island

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Mai lived her life peacefully in the Fire Nation for a few years, but one day she found herself and Ty Lee called up to help with one of Azula's last campaigns; the conquest of Kyoshi Island. Azula explained to them that she wanted the village to stay intact, so she wanted an army of nothing but warriors. Ty Lee and Mai led the army, and soon a great battle begun. Azula decided that Mai was to make sure to cut off their food production, while Ty Lee, her troup of all warriors, and Dai Li agents would defeat the Kyoshi Warriors and the Earth Kingdom soldiers. Mai was bored of not being able to fight, but was still successful in her job, as was Ty Lee. Eventually, Kyoshi Island was conquered, and Ty Lee named it after Azula as Zula Island. Mai then returned home, where she gave birth to her daughter, Quanlee.

Promotion to Ruler of Phoenix City

Mai ready to attack

Mai teaching Quanlee how to fight

On Ozai's funeral, Azula was crowned Supreme Fire Lord and she appointed Mai to lead Phoenix City. Ty Lee would govern the rest of the Earth Kingdom, including Omashu. Mai became a cold-hearted, uncaring leader, an opposite of Ty Lee. She did not obey everything Azula said, however, making Phoenix City a place of her desires, crime filled and full of action.

War with the Rebels

Advising Azula

Mai, a day before her daughter left to hunt Team Rebel watched Mitsuki perform a Firebending move along with Azula and Ty Lee. She complimented Mitsuki's abilities to Azula briefly, though she felt bad for Chen. Instead of arguing with Azula like Ty Lee did, however, she excused herself from the room.

Mai also accompanied Azula on her Royal Jet while she appointed General Yi to hunt Team Rebel. She did not show much concern over Quanlee like Ty Lee did with Tam Mee, as she knew Quanlee didn't care. Mai is also present when Azula arrested General Yi for multiple failures.

New Plans

After her daughter, Quanlee returns from battle, Mai and her reunite in Azula's war room for her emergency meeting, in which Mai is obviously happy to see her. When Z.Z. states that the cost of the damage the battle caused is 1.2 million gold coins, Mai nonchalantly says "That sucks." By Azula's orders, Mai and the others then leave Mitsuki and Azula alone for the remaining meeting to discuss confidential information.

Later, Mai's relationship with Azula begins to become edgy at best. She has a direct confrontation with Azula when she compares Chen to Zuko. This infuriates Azula, and she yells at Mai to the point where Mai begins crying. Later on in the day, Mai apologizes to Azula, and comes to the conclusion that she shouldn't dwell in the past. A messenger then arrives, and Mai, alongside Azula, reads a note supposedly from Mitsuki regarding their infiltration of the Rebel City. The realization that Quanlee is in the Rebel City greatly shocks Mai.


Mai is dark, gloomy, and depressing, traits she passed down to Quanlee. She shows little loyalty to Azula, and doesn't care much for The War, only participating in battles because of her thirst for action. Mai has shown to be very uncaring of her position, something she never hesitates to tell Quanlee, Ty Lee, and even Azula. The most she ever showed emotion was when she was dating Zuko, though after he died, she moved on and married a nobleman, where she gave birth to Quanlee. Mai has been shown to smile around Quanlee, and the two have a very special bond like no other, something Mai would die for to keep alive.

Mai has also shown to be rather sympathetic toward Chen. This is mainly because he reminds her of Zuko.


Mai is very skilled in the weapon throwing. Her various weapons she uses include, knives, stilettos, blades, sai, and even icicles. In battle, Mai never makes witty remarks like Azula, or goofs off like Ty Lee, with only the occasional "sigh". Though she lacks witty banter abilities, she is extremely hard to defeat in battle, able to easily incapacitate a team of men and several Kyoshi Warriors. These are all traits she passed on to Quanlee.

Non-canon Appearances

Mai briefly appears in Part 2 of the non-canon crossover, Clash of Worlds. Mai maintains her somber and uncaring personality in the crossover, as she is shown offering her position to Yino, who was only looking for a minor position as an adviser.

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