By Gingalover Part of the Ginga Densetsu Avatar continuity.
Mai ready to attack
Biographical information

Fire Nation

Physical description


Hair color


Personal information
Weapon of choice



Iroh (adopted father), Zuko (husband), Azula (adopted sister)


Team Avatar


Hougen, Violet

Chronological and political information

Royal messenger (formerly), ninja


Fire Nation (formerly), Team Avatar



First appearance

Book 2: Earth

Mai is a royal member of the Fire Nation and is very close to Ozai. She was left at an orphanage when she was just 2, and didn't have much friends. In fact her lack of friendship had given her a strange syndrome that causes her to lose most, if not all, emotion. She remained like this until Iroh adopted her. However her time with Iroh didn't cure her yet of her syndrome. She was sent to Ozai when Iroh began gravely sick and couldn't take care of her anymore.

Book 3: Fire

Mai first appears at the Boiling Rock Prison, alongside Ozai and Hougen, when she announces for the guards to add up extra work for when the eclipse does come. She also adds in to keep an eye out for Avatar Aang. But later on, Bat ends up exposing Aang and she attacks him. She ends up in a one-on-one joust with Smellerbee and chases after them to the moving elevator car. She continues fighting the group until Smith comes in and throws her onto the wires. She tries to talk him into getting off before the car collapses, but all she gets was a final message to deliver to the others as she just watch him fall to his death.

She shows up later on and was listening closely to what her "uncle Ozai" had to say. During his speech, Mai noticed that Hougen was watching Ozai the whole time. She shows up later and confronts Hougen, asking what he was doing. She got a bit insulted when Hougen called her "a test dummy", but her syndrome wasn't fixed at the time so she didn't show it, all except a tiny tear down her face.

Book 4: Air

After the invasion, Hougen almost immediately banished her as he did to Azula and Zuko. She needed to find Team Avatar. To not only get their aid to stop Hougen, but to deliver her message to them from Smith. But on her way, she passes out from lack of nutrition and woke up to Team Avatar.

She remained out for awhile, catching up to her boyfriend, Zuko. She remained weak until she got her energy back thanks to Heizo and Tyson. She had remained Abit loyal to the team but later on she was kidnapped along with Aang by Violet.

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