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"(A:TR) Ep.15: Omashu"

Mai is a slightly rude, mostly emotionless teenager of the Fire Nation who helped her dad take over Omashu. Her formidable ninja skill in weaponry makes her a rough force to deal with.


Mai is mainly emotionless in terms of behaviour, often acting bored and lacking much interest in things. She is also mainly rude, usually pointing out faults or making her own annoying comments. Although she appears lacking in interest in seemingly everything, she does have a very keen eye and can tell if something is real compared to a lie in front of her.



Mai was born to a rather strict family. Her father was a high-ranking military man and the governor of Omashu when she first appeared in the story. Mai was a good girl, not speaking unless spoken to and always doing what she was told. She always got what she wanted, but only if she behaved herself and kept quiet upon orders of her strict parents. However, despite her noble fortune, she didn't like her life at all. This resulted in her later years of emotional distance. She didn't care how, but she wanted as much time away from her parents as possible. Since the defeat of Omashu though, she couldn't get any chance away from her parents.

Book 1: Water

Mai first appeared alongside the governor of Omashu while they were going over the other generals. Mai made a remark on how boring it was in Omashu as they went on around the city. As time went onward though, she suddenly came across Aang, who pretended to die from pentapox. However, Mai saw through his disguise and pinned him down to the floor by using her ninja blades on him. Mai told him that she'd deal with him later and went off to find the other Fire Nation soldiers. She appeared during the "plague" plan and stood in front of the act, asking what was the exact point of this "play". To check to see if it was the real deal, she used her knives to strip Sokka down, only to find him covered completely in Pentapox. She found this a slight surprise and started to go back to tell the others before it was too late, but Aurora got to her first and told her to not say a thing while it was biting in her throat. She eventually changed her mind and fled with the others.

Mai remained with her family for a while, finding it rather unbearable as it turned out. Mai stood on the side as Zuko spoke with General Hooro, but was slightly curious as to what they were talking about. She did find out afterwards that they were going into Water Tribe territory, and voiced her doubts that this little plan would actually work.

Despite her doubts about the plan at all, she went with the others anyway and boarded the ship with the rest of her fleet to go to the North Pole. She asked Zuko again about what the exact plan was there, again having her own doubts over Zuko's ideas. She became witness to Zuko's story about Tui and La and the exact plan he had in mind for them.

Later on, she showed up again while Zuko and Raiu were talking, blabbering on about her doubts to them both. She got the moon slayer idea from a suggestion given by Raiu. Later on that night, she was about to sleep when Zuko woke her up, saying the plan was ready. Completely annoyed, she got up and went out with Zuko so the plan could begin.

Book 2: Earth

After the attack, she was found by Zuko along with a few other soldiers and saved from drowning in the cold North Sea. Despite this, she still ran off her mouth when they were at the Earth Kingdom shores, stating that she had known the plan wouldn't work. While there, she found a messenger hawk sent to Zuko, but got the letter herself instead and read the bad news about Zuko.



Mai's arrow darts

Mai's darts.

Mai had grown skilled as a ninja, having heightened agility and great skill with ninja blades and knives. Her many weapons usually include small throwing weapons, such as sais, throwing knives, and wooden arrow darts.

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