By Gingalover Part of the Avatar: New Universe II continuity.
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Mai is now a Royal Queen and helps with the Fire Nation kingdom alongside Zuko. Through the war, she had worked with Azula against the Avatar, but after the war ended, she grew close to Zuko and now works with the Avatar. Zuko did have a lot of explaining to do after his adventure in Altonia, yet she just went along with it.

Avatar: New Universe II

Mai appears with Zuko after the wedding, throwing in her comment about it, and tells Zuko she doesn't have all night to wait. Yet that night, she was pure witness to all the horrifying events of Azula's capture by the S.C.P.

Arc 2

For the time after the attack, she, Iroh, and the new guard Hiro, were keeping an eye on Zuko and taking care of him throughout the time. She comes in one time on Zuko's latest times to sleep and was asked to leave, Zuko ready to face his seemingly last nightmare of Endermare. She was worried for Zuko the whole time and was happier when he suddenly got better.

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