Mai's And Tom-Tom's Adventure
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Avatar: The Last Airbender


Mai and Tom-Tom betrayed their father. They must find Avatar Aang before their father can destroy them and ask Aang to defeat their father. Can they reach Aang on time?


Tom-Tom The Hero

"Mai! Help me with these flowers!"

"Auntie, I got to go.."




"I have to defeat my father with the help of Avatar Aang!"

"Avatar Aang? He's a private man! Nobody can do that directly!"

"He knows me! Trust me! Come on Tom-Tom!"

"Okay, Mai!"

"See you, auntie.."

"I'll call you Tom this time!"


Mai gasps..

"What is it, Mai!?"

"The Super Gangster!"


"They're dangerous.. A hundred gangsters are there!"

"Let's go back, Mai!"

"We can't!"

"Oh ya.. What should we do!?"

"Hold on tight, and let's go to Avatar Aang!"


"Men number 20 until 34! They're escaping! Defend the F5 territory!"

"Just hold, it Tom!"


"She's the government daughter and son! Defeat them and bring them to the government!"

"No way, you egg-head!"


"They're escaping!"

"Shut up!"

They arrived in a forest..


"Ty Lee!?"

"Oh look at Tom-Tom! So cute!"

"I really need to go to the toilet!"

"Okay go Tom!"

A few moments had past..


(Read Ty Lee and Mai and you got the story...)

"Wait, how about Tom-Tom?"

"Just leave him first.."

As Mai and Ty Lee helped Katara searching Aang, Mai needed Aang but how's Tom-Tom? So Mai decided to not follow Katara again..

"Ty Lee, you can go back now.."

"I'll join circus! Yay!"




"Mai! Where have you been?"

"Long story.... Let's go!"

Mai gasps again..

"What!? The gangster again!? Holy Crap!"

Mai fought with Tom-Tom on back. Mai dodged every attack. She launched her secret technique to save her life and Tom-Tom's.. But..


"All of this needle sticks to my clothes! ARGHH! I can't move free! Tom-Tom! Help me take this off!"

"Too late, young lady!"



"Tom-Tom! No!"

One of the gangster wanted to kill Tom-Tom using his sharp sword!



"What! He firebends!? But his family isn't a firebender!"

"Go get them Tom!"

"You got it!"

"My little brother is sure is a hero..."

"You gangstaz neva evah defeat my sister because she's going to the Avatar!"

"Avatar is lame!"

"I'll get you knocked out! For Avatar Aang and Mai! Yahoo!!!"


"Now that's the way to do it!"

Mai smiles proudly at Tom-Tom as he defeated all of the gangsters by himself..

"Wait! It's Aang! Yay!"

I Am Mai



"You've found Katara already? Yup! We are going to engage!"

"Wow! Congratulations!"

"So, what's on your mind?"

"We need your help to defeat my father!"

"The government?"

"Yes! Please help me, Aang!"

"Listen, Mai.. I really wanted to help but Azula needed my help too!"


"Yes.. She needed my help to defend the government, your father!"

"I won't forgive her! I needed your help, Avatar Aang?"



"You once made me insane.."

"Yeah! I'm so happy to know that.. Thanks to Ty Lee..."

"Hmpph.. We'll bet. We'll fight in the Boiling Rock.. Place where we last met as friends... The winner will get Avatar Aang's help.."

"Fine! Now!"

Mai, Tom-Tom, Team Avatar, and Azula went to the Boiling Rock.

"Alright Azula.."

"Hmpph.. Little girl crying for help to Avatar Aang!"

"You won't get away with this, Azula!"

"Little coward.. Face me!"

"Alright.. If you're man enough to fight me!"


"Azula, Mai! Stop it!"

"Ty Lee, go!"

"Yeah circus freak!"

"Circus freak!? ARGHH!!"

"Ty Lee.. They will fight. The winner will get help from me and you're not allowed to help one of them.."

"Alright Avatar Aang.."


"Nice try, Mai.."


"Are you going to cut me into vegetables?"

"Yes! You're going down!"

Mai fought Azula. She dodged every firebending.. Until Tom-Tom got hurt..



"Katara, please heal him! Doesn't appear to be a scar!"

"Hmpph.. That fire is too big for him. He'll get a scar.. Don't worry!"

"I won't forgive you! Seaah!!"



"Any last word? I think you'll be grilled vegetables now!"

"I am Mai.. Any challenges are in front of me, I'll beat that up... I won't let you win, Azula.."

"Sorry, but you're going to die!"

"I'm ready..."


Azula chi blocked

Ty Lee chi-blocked Azula.


Azula gone insane..

"You won't ever kill Mai, Azula!"

"Ty Lee, you're breaking the rules! Lock them up!"

"I'll fire you in the name of my uncle!"

"Okay, ma'am.."

"How dare you defy your princess!"

"Okay, princess.."

"How dare you defy your leader!"




"Ty Lee, you pushed Azula to that lake!"

"She deserved it!"

"She might die!"

"AHH!! So hot, here!"

"That's your consequences!"

"Yes! The winner is Mai..."

"So, please help me defeat my father!"


They went to Mai's house.. They arrived..

"Father, I brought Avatar Aang!"

"Avatar Aang.. It won't be a long match!"

"I know.."


"You just defeated my father only by going to the Avatar State!"


"Thank you, Aang.."

"He he he.."



"Please swim with Azula.. Thank you.."

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