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Biographical information



People's Democracy


Mixed between Earth Kingdom and Fire Nation

Birth place

Amon City




333 AG


Avatar Suki (as sole Avatar)

Physical description





120 lbs.

Hair color


Eye color


Personal information
Bending style(s)

Fire and lightning


Firebending and occasionally blue fire. Lightning


Chancellor Lin- Mother


Koda, Rokki, Hana, Orora, Yue


Chancellor Ling, Priest Shang, most Kyoshi Warriors

Chronological and political information

Firebending Avatar





First appearance

One Small Flame

Magunoria (Nori for short) is the firebending Avatar after the Avatar was split into four different people. She served along with Rokki (Earth Avatar), Orora (Air Avatar), and Koda (Water Avatar). She is also a close ally to the Kyoshi Warrior, Hana and the moon spirit, Yue.

Early Life

Born to Chancellor Lin (Future Shuryo) of the People's Democracy she was raised in a strict household. She didn't have many friends growing up because of her mother and she was never allowed outside the palace walls. However, she frequently snuck out anyway. Being born in Amon City, Nori had never heard of bending or the Avatar before Roku spoke to her.

The identity of Nori's father is unknown but right before her death Chancellor Lin admitted to poisoning him.

Special Calling

One night when Nori was eight she had a dream of an old man. This man revealed himself to be Avatar Roku, the last Firebending Avatar. He explained to Nori that she was a Firebenender and soon he taught her all that he knew.

After finding out that there were other Avatars out there Nori decided to talk to her mother about a voyage to the old world. Chancellor Lin did not approve of this plan and, infuriated, Nori accidentally shot fire out of her hands. Lin had her own daughter arrested.

Book 1


Nori was the first of the Avatars but was joined shortly by Orora, Koda, and Rokki in that order. Once the prison break started she contributed majorly, along with Orora, to protecting Koda who was powerless without water. After they broke out and confronted her mother, who was heavily guarded, it was Nori that the team was outmatched and they surrendered only to be imprisoned again.

During the second prison break she was freed right before Rokki and Yue. Koda demanded she and Hana free Rokki and he free Yue. When confronted with Koda's idea to travel by water Nori stated she could not swim but she was not as scared as Orora.

Planning the Rebellion

Along with Hana, Nori did the most planning for the rebellion and she was adamant that she would not allow her mother to be killed. Together Nori and Hana planned that the group would split up and spark a rebellion in the three towns that surrounded Amon City. Nori was paired up with Hana so Rokki would have to go with Orora.

Hana and Nori went to the town in the north and this city did not allow citizens outside of their homes. In order to distract the warriors they started a forest fire. During the fire they were able to sneak into a house with a couple and a young child. At first the husband did not want them but his wife convinced him otherwise.

Also on this trip Nori made it her mission to get Hana to open up. Nori asked Hana about boys and Hana described her dream boy and to Nori's surprise, it sounded a lot like Koda. Of course Hana didn't agree to this but Nori knew.

In order to spark the rebellion Nori caused another fire and when the citizens left their houses Nori and Hana convinced them to rebel. They soon beat the Kyoshi Warriors and marched towards Amon City.

Final Battle

Right before the battle started Hana hugged Nori and told her she finally had a friend. This was the first sign of Nori and Hana's friendship.

Nori signaled the battle with a shot of lightning and everyone charged. Hana was surprised to see Nori's usually happy attitude change to determination. Together Nori and Hana stormed the castle and confronted Lin. Lin admitted to killing Nori's father which made Nori take a stance. Her original idea of no killing was gone and shot lighting but Hana pushed her so the lightning did not hit Lin. Then Lin committed suicide and Nori cried.

Nori, along with the other Avatars, Hana, and Yue, was a big help in restoring a new government.

Book 2

The Journey

Unlike he others Nori was not involved with the relationship drama that was occurring so she stayed silent most of the time.



Nori seems to get long well with all of the group. She acts as a neutral figure to most. Her closest friend appears to be Hana and their friendship only grows stronger. She doesn't talk much to the others except she gives off a big sister vibe to Orora from time to time.


Nori was an only child and she never knew her father. The relationship with her mother was always a bit rocky and it got worse as she got older. Her mother was too strict for Nori's taste.


Nori is probably the most level headed of the Avatars. She tries to avoid conflict but knows when it's time to fight. She is bubbly but not very obnoxious. She has a strong will to help others around her, even if they don't want it.


Nori is an extremely talented firebender and bends in a style unique to only her. When her emotions are heightened she can even shoot blue fire.

She also has the ability to lightning bend with considerable ease.

Author's Note

I am not a talented drawer so I am trying to edit a picture for her I'll get it as soon as I can.

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