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  By Gingalover Part of the Avatar: New Universe continuity.
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Phoenix Kid PT1

Magmus is a young mischievous firebender from the Teen Titans universe whom, like Aquos and Ventus, were more thrown into Altonia by mistake than deliberately. She had been a member of the HIVE academy, and local annoyance to the Titans before being tossed in into Altonia.

Magmus first appears fighting the angry Bracchidios when Zuko and Robin charge in and manage to somehow drive it away, although the beast was spooked by something else. It was now that she recognized Robin and they both get into trouble until Zuko intervenes and challenges her to an Agni Kai. At first, she doesn't agree, but quickly changes her mind when he said she's acting like a coward.

Their fight started off even, her avoiding Zuko's fire and blasting him back. But at one point, she took a breather as Zuko explained how he got his scar and how he won't give up. Right after that she was defeated and was just about to leave when Zuko told her she can stay, which surprised both her and Robin.

She was brought over to the queen, much like the others did. However she didn't do anything much.

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