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Magicus Pishogue Revolt is the tenth chapter of Avatar Phoa series, written by AcerEvan.


Bending Battle Arena, 11:00

It was halfway through the match. The Flying Bison were tied 1-1 with their opponents, and the winner of this match was to go to the semi-finals. One step closer to the championships. They'd come so far; they couldn't lose. Not now. But that's when it happened. In between rounds, Korra saw an out-of-breath member of the Order of the White Lotus running up to the platform. The look in his eyes...

"Fansha, something's wrong," Phoa said quietly before quickly closing the distance between herself and the Lotus member. Fansha watched carefully as they shared minimal words. He then followed Phoa and put a hand on her shoulder.

"What's wrong?"

"It... It's the temple!" Phoa answered, shaking, her arms wrapping around her torso.

"The Magicus Pishogue... they're attacking Eastern Air Temple, Fansha. Sister Lio, Monk Kiki, Ratih, the other monk... Oh, spirits, Fansha, they're all there...!" She let Fansha wrap two protective arms around her, and allowed herself to get comforted by him for a time. "I have to save them," she eventually decided, pulling away from Fansha and standing tall.

"Phoa, it's probably a trap," Joy argued. "Come on. Attacking your home of all places, when there's benders galore here, in the arena? It's obviously a trap meant for you. I'm sorry, I can't let you go."

"Joy, you don't understand!"

"I don't understand?! Do you know how many times my brothers and sisters got himself into trouble as a little kid?! On Arambawa long time ago? Do you know how that felt?! Be abandoned by my own parents it still don't understand?!"

"They're as close to a family as I've got. Wouldn't you do anything to protect your family? Trap or no trap?"Phoa turned Joy around and pointed at Fansha. "Look at him, Joy. Look at him and tell me you wouldn't die if it meant a chance at saving his life."

Joy paused and took in the sight of his best friend. He imagined the Magicus Pishogue pinning the young airbender against a wall, telling him that he needs to choose; himself or his best friend. "I'm sorry about the match and the championship," Phoa interrupted her thoughts, "...but I have to help them. I'm leaving."

"Not without me, you're not." Fansha interrupted.

"We should met Ratih." Joy said.

"Let's go to our room!" Phoa ordered to the boys. "Without you, I couldn't. Together, we are strong!"

Eastern Air Temple, 11:40

It was almost a midday in the peak of the mountain, while Ratih and Sister Lio make vegetables soup in the kitchen.

"What should I add the soup? Carrot or onion?" Ratih asked, pointed at the vegetables. "Don't forget to pour the soup with the olive oil." Ratih ordered the Sister.

"Alright. Onion be better." Sister Lio said.

"Sister Lio, how long you spent your time here?" she asked.

"When I was fourteen years old, my father sent me to Air Temple Island, as I mastered airbending basic moves." Lio continued, "...and I be the chef when I celebrated mt sixteenth birthday."


"Let's taste the soup."

"Yummy...." Ratih tempted by her own home made vegetables soup. "Phoa should tries this soup."

"Yeah, I know. Why you don't join them?" Sister Lio asked. "You're a great waterbender!"

"Nope. Phoa bend fire, Joy fire too, and Fansha... air." Ratih mourned.

"Don't be shy if you wanna to talk with me." Sister Lio comforted her.

Suddenly, a thunderstorm came, waves the bushes and solve the rock when Ratih pointing at the clouds.

"Look! A flying bison came! We should help them before the lightning hit them."

"Okay. Turn off the stove, please." Sister Lio ordered.

But, unfortunately, there is no any flying bison. A mysterious figure caught them, and a dancing shadow dances, breaching the wall. Just Monk Kiki left, trembling after scared by the shadow.

Earth Kingdom Territory, 13:08

Afterward, the Flying Bison fly through the sky, breaching the wind, they try to arrived at Eastern Air Temple as fast as possible. Arrived at Eastern Air Temple, Phoa and her friends run to the Main Temple. Suddenly, a dancing shadow's roaming around the hall. Almost all of the monks and sisters were caught and kidnapped by someone.

"Ratih!" Joy cried out. "We should drop out from the fool Bending Battle, Phoa. Look at this!" He yelled.

"What?" Phoa shocked. "We try to join it hardly, but you just wanna to go with a second? It was...."

"Calm, Phoa. He's right. But, the important now is how to save the Air Monks and Sisters now?" Fansha neutralized them.

"How about Ratih? How if she is killed by them?" Joy asked angrily.

"We should save them, Ratih and the rest of Air Monks and Sisters." Fansha replied wisely.

"For now, we should.... Wha-wha-what's that?!" Joy screamed.


"Kyaaaaa.....!!" The trio screamed, and then ran through the shadow.

"New enemy, right?" Phoa presumed.

"We have to finished the old one. Now, the new.... What's that?" Joy said. "It's not an enemy. The shadow wanna to us for follow it."

"Probably the shadow want to kill us when we follow it." Fansha scared.

"No. I didn't feel negative now." Phoa said bravely. "Let's follow it!"

The trio follow the shadow, and then suddenly confronted by an indigo glowed portal. The shadow suddenly exploited by the portal.

"C'me on!" Joy led them.

Inside the Portal, UNKNOWN TIME

"How many holes in this tunnel, huh?" Joy asked.

"Hundred, or maybe million of holes. Each of them led us to somewhere, maybe." Phoa cleared. "So, we should choose the right one."

"Waaaaa...." Fansha screamed. "Guys, help me!"

"Fansha, please!" Joy said, and then turned to help him.

"Whoaaaaaa....." They three sucked by the hole. Suddenly, they appeared at a royal bedroom, in the different world, different century.


"What's that?" Phoa wondered. "Is that a nail? Or a screw?"

"Madam, please go down now. The Highness is on the way to here." a guy said.

"What?" Phoa asked.

"Let's use the comfortable. Hurry! Before they recognize the appearance of us here!" Joy ordered. Finished with the outfits, the trio walk, go out from the room.

"Mada.. Who're they, madam? Are they from..." the guard asked.

"What I should said?" Phoa muttered to the two benders.

"Madam, why your face is be asian?"


England Kingdom Throne Palace, 08:09 UK Time

"Madam, please welcome, Sir Lord Pevensie."

"Greetings, Madam." Sir Lord Pevensie greeted.

"What's the right word to say?" Phoa muttered to Joy.

"Just said like him." Joy replied.

"Greet thinks, Medan." Phoa stammered.

"What? Sir, are you sure that she is her?" Sir Lord Pevensie wondered. "I wouldn't match my son to her. Thank you." suddenly he goes to his carriage.

"Wait! Argh.... Madam, what happened to you? You're the Queen!"

"Queén?" Phoa asked. "Joy, let's go out from here! I can't stand with these all!" Phoa hurriedly said. "We should go back to Republic City!"

But, unfortunately the servants heard that and wonder what happened. The Avatar then back to her room that she and her friends came last morning.

"Phoa, what we will do?" Fansha asked. "The hole is gone, Phoa."

"Maybe some hole are be outside. Let's look for it!" Joy said.

The Avatar and her friends then escaped by Fansha's airbending, and run away through the throng of the citizen. Suddenly, the High General realized that she's from Royal Palace. Then, all guards search for her.

"Find her! Hurry!" The High General ordered his brigade.

"Yes, Sir."

The miss-communication make they looked funny. They didn't recognize each other, because they're in England.

London, 10:45

The snow starts to fall down, when the trio ran away from the Royal Palace, find the hole.

"There!" Joy yelled, pointed to the sewer.

"Look, a man is standing out there! Let's go to there!" Fansha said, pointing at an avenue near a barber shop.

Suddenly, the shadow that 'call' them to England shows herself.

What will happened to them? Where are the Monks and Sisters? What happened to Ratih? Who is the kidnapper? See the next episode, Be a New (Avatar Phoa).

Author's Note

Why they're in England? As Etrigan said, the story is not related to Avatar World. So, don't be confused if the Avatar is on our world, not their world, because, for connecting the story is not easier that you read. This episode (or the idea for connected to our world) is inspired by Adventures of Omar series.

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