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Magic is the powers and abilities natural to the Nifrin race, but can be learned by humans who have a higher spiritual connection.


Magic was first seen in use by its most famous users, a race of witches known as the Nifrin. The Nifrin used their cryptic art and kept its knowledge to themselves. According to their own histories and beliefs, the Nifrin learned and acquired their magic after eating from a seedling of the Tree of Time, the Deathwood. However, as it was a language-based art, and studious humans eventually figured out how to venture into learning it.

The art of magic met its decline after the Storm Grave, when the succeeding Avatar decided to hunt down the witches. After many generations, the race was all but extinct.


Magic does not have a completely explored table of its powers, largely because its greatest practitioners were hunted down and wiped out. It was known that most of the powers used in the forms of spells and incantations that were spoken.

Passive Powers: Witches were known to use certain powers naturally. It is unknown whether this is purely genetic or whether it is accessible to humans as well. Of these powers, Nifrin seemed to have extrasensory perception of their environment, which made them appear unfazed by anything happening around them. The Nifrin also seemed to move at superhuman speeds that were hard to watch and keep up with.

Active Powers: Most of the powers of magic were used with spells in the Nifrin's native language. An example would be a witch using 'Marak' for a fire spell.

Substyles:  The Nifrin were known to have at least subforms of magic that their kind delved into. Any user could learn any style and were not locked in the way benders could use only one element.

Wind: Wind Magic focuses on evasion and speed. Wind magic practitioners often study philosophy.

Storm: Storm Magic is much more aggressive and use raw powers. Storm magicians often study arts like metallurgy.

Blood: The darkest and most dangerous magic. Blood magic is steeped in arts that involve manipulation and cunning. An extensive knowledge of poisons and toxins is common among practitioners. Most users of blood magic had mastered one or both of the other styles.

For unexplained reasons, some abilities of magic can be used in the Spirit World, unlike bending.

Known Spells

"Alik Sha"- Summon Blood- A spell used to strengthen Blood Magic. The most advanced blood magic requires blood from the user, this gives the user ample supply without weakening them.

"Dosh Yark"- Devil Fall- A deadly power that turns all the evil actions of the victim and user to overwhelm the victim with guilt, fear, and shame. Most become paralyzed while others die from the effects in some manner.

"Marak Kish"- Fire Storm- A powerful fire spell.

"Nosho"- Bind- A spell that binds objects together.

"Dish-Ta"- Sever- A cutting spell.

"Ish Tocha"- Ghost Chains- A special and draining spell, these chains seek the target and proceed to impale and entrap them, either killing them or leaving them vulnerable. Akira had a unique variant with cloth-like wrappings on his amputated arm.

"Kash Kish"- Sword Storm- A spell that enhances the power of a sword.

"Sha Kish"- Blood Storm- An illusion spell that forces the victim to see all those they know to be dead victims covered or floating in blood.

  • Adding Sha (blood), will inherently add blood magic to any spell or incantation.


Overuse and abuse of the more dangerous aspects of magic can have dangerous consequences. The Ish Kash are a prime example of using magic and creating an imbalance in the user. In the most extreme case, it creates a Dosh Rak.

Forbidden Spells

Cp 4 Ragnarok appears

A Kagehito born from one's hatred.

The Nifrin did not truly regulate their arts, given their very mobile society and culture; however, they did hold some spells as unforgivable and cursed beyond redemption. The spells are collectively called 'Shadowspells'. Most of the Shadowspells were developed by Blood Magicians.

Kagehito - One of the most feared spells is the Kagehito. The user condenses their hatred into a spell that upon speaking the name, will form a shadow demon that will hunt down whomever the caster sent the demon after. The Kagehito will never stop, only delaying its goal if the master orders it. Kagehito seem invincible in their purpose, as they can't be hurt by weapons and can even possess people. The Kagehito is evil and often will kill its victim in violent and sadistic ways. Kagehito can only be ended in one of two ways, the Kagehito is neutralized by a Mitsuhito or the caster is killed.

  • Mutation: Though they are quite resilient, Kagehito can be affected by things such as magic, spiritual energy, chi, and even elements. If they endure or encounter certain things, it can alter their form and function. Kagehito will still have the same purpose, but they may take on a new form or express new abilities and even the ability to multiply.

Mitsuhito - The counterspell to the Kagehito. It creates a being of light that hunts down the Kagehito and cancels it out with its own existence. Mitsuhito's only work if they are created by the same individual who created the Kagehito. If someone else were to create it, it would only wound or delay the Kagehito, it could never cancel its existence.


Ichigo's New Hollow Mask

Kuro wore a death mask to disperse his presence when he killed Akahito.

The Nifrin were skilled enough in magic to imbue it into objects they made.
  • Ish Kash- The "Ghost Swords" were weapons created with magic. Their sole purpose was to kill Spirits.
  • Death Masks- These special masks were plain white masks that turned into various skull figurations when worn by individuals. They had one of two functions based on the maker's specifications. They could suppress and hide one's presence from Spirits and Nifrin or they could disperse it into an area, making it hard to locate the exact area of the target. In both methods, it served to conceal the wearer's location by means of Spirituality but did not conceal them physically. Dosh Rak often wore Death Masks in order to have the ability to ambush their enemies.


  • Melasa and Lenet practice very different forms of Magic, Wind and Blood, respectively.
  • Magic is not bending but has some similarities. There are several forms that relate to a bending form.
  • Kagehito and Mitsuhito are a metaphor for Raava and Vaatu as the two battle each other for dominance and the dark being seeks destruction and the light seeks balance.
  • Kagehito can become quite bizarre and even possess things to accomplish their goals.

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