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Warning! This page contains spoilers for Avatar: The Legacy of Rong Yan.

Mafan De
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Book 2: Water Chapter 6: The Beast of Chao Lake

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Book 2: Water Chapter 6: The Beast of Chao Lake

Mafan De is a minor character in the fanon, Avatar: The Legacy of Rong Yan. Mafan De, was one of the three boys of Chao, who pranked the entire town including any tourists.


When Rong Yan, and the gang arrived to Chao, they were not expecting to run into a starving town. They wanted to simply practice some waterbending moves, since Tanaraq believed it was time for her to teach the Avatar.

When they arrived at the town, they were greeted by a woman by the name of Yule De and her son whose named was not revealed yet until later in the chapter. The woman happened to be the town mayor, she had explained the recent occurring events in the town.

She mentioned that a spirit by the name of Ling-Hu]], who supposedly was a guardian spirit for their town and the surrounding forest along with the famous vacation hot spot known as Chao Lake.

Her town had low economy due to the tourists running off, meaning no money for the workers of the village, which also meant that people were not able to place food on their tables because everyone was starving. The nobles who lived in the town were as well affected by the depression that had occurred in Chao. As they too were starving just not as much as everyone else, since they had hidden stashes.

The poorest section of the town, had its water contaminated, the people were deathly starving and were very ill. To believe that three teenagers caused all this. It is believable and it did happen. These boys were later identified as Mafan De, the son of the mayor Yule De, Xiaohua, and another boy by the name of Shudaizi.

Mafan, Shudaizi and Xiaohua were always trouble makers they just never did anything this big. Shudaizi was the brains of the operations, Xiaohua helped with what he could, he wasn't a very bright kid but he wasn't dumb, Mafan moved around the fake Ling-Hu, since he was the only earthbender.

Ling-Hu, made more appearances lately, the spirit sightings were common now, that the people were afraid of going outside and being taken away by the spirit beast and no longer to be seen ever again.

Though Mafan and his friends were outside as every night they snuck out of their homes to do their mischievous actions. Eventually there was a time where the danger of Ling-Hu had gotten more serious, when Xiaohua had accidentally ran past a tree that had a branch that scratched up against his arm, where a gash had opened and he began to bleed.

Mafan had told his friend to lie to the townspeople, he did as he was told and the people believed that the monster was even more dangerous than ever since attacked one of their kids.

Rong Yan, had gone off to find Ling-Hu and confront him about what he had just done to one of town's local teenagers. Ling-Hu, had given the Avatar the answers he was seeking all along. He showed Rong Yan, that these three teenagers had committed everything and had blamed them for what was happening.

When Rong Yan, had returned to the town to reveal the people behind this whole sick prank, it was Mafan, Shudaizi, and Xiaohua. He gave proof that he spoke to the real spirit of Ling-Hu. After a day of the event, Rong Yan and his group had left and the town went off to sleep. The three boys screamed in fear and shouted Ling-Hu's name out loud. Though the townspeople did not believe them that they were actually being chased by the real Ling-Hu, the citizens brushed it off and told them to shut it.


Mafan De, was born an earthbender just like his late father. Mafan is not a master earthbender, he only knows his basic skills for both pranking and self-defense.


  • Yule De (Mother)
  • Unknown Father (Father;Deceased)



  • Mafan De means "troublesome" in Chinese.

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