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Biographical information

Fire Nation

Physical description


Skin color

Dark brown and white

Skin type


Personal information
Weapon of choice

Teeth, claws


Azula (sort of), Mai (sort of), Ty Lee (sort of)


Team Avatar, Azula (sort of), Mai (sort of), Ty Lee (sort of)

Chronological and political information

Azula's pet dog


Fire Nation

Voiced by

Frank Welker

Madhya is a female dog that belongs to Azula as her sidekick and hunting dog. She is mean-spirited and has a penchant for biting people (even her owner), she was used to hunt down Avatar Aang.




  • Madhya bears the resemblance to Muttley and even has the same laugh as him.
  • Madhya is also similar to Mugger from Hey There, It's Yogi Bear, both are big, scraggly, mean-spirited dogs, both are owned by a villain, both are always abused by their owners, both are treated nicely by the villains sidekicks but always bite them on the arm, and both we're defeated by being locked in a cage.
  • As Ty Lee confirmed Madhya is a bloodhound mix, making her one of the non-hybrid animals in the series.
  • The way Azula and Mai treats Madhya is similar to how Dick Dastardly treats Muttley.
  • Because of Madhya's appearance and behaviour she's always mistaken for a male.
  • Madhya's name means "mean" in Hindi language, hence her personality.

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