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Maderia is a large city situated in the canopy of the forest west of Chan Dai. It is nicknamed 'The Green City' due to the fact that it is populated by plantbenders and also utilises a lot of environmentally green methods of living. The citizens hold immense spiritual respect for the central tree, often holding festivals in honour of its wisdom.

Layout and Description

Outskirts maderia

The shabby outskirts of Maderia.

Maderia is situated in the heart of dense forest, built in the canopies. The outskirts are quite shabby, and is where they keep unwelcome passersby. The buildings are made through plantbending and pieced together with corrugated iron and other objects the citizens find.

Closer towards the centre of the city, more buildings are developed around the Mother Tree's branches. At the centre of the city is the Mother Tree; a monolithic tree which supports the whole city. Tunnels line the inside of the Mother Tree and lead to various areas such as the chief's quarters, a training arena and the other side of the city.

Up in the top of the Mother Tree is the chief's quarters. Large bridges fashioned with glass connect branches, where guests of honour are provided with luxurious accommodation.

There is a hydroelectric plant located somewhere in the city, mentioned by Erik, which is powered through waterbending and he also references a really good noodle restaurant as well as a bird enclosure.

Citizens travel through the city using tree rafts; wooden rafts that are carried along by plantbending vines.

The surrounding forest is thick and lush, with difficult, uneven terrain. The leaves occasionally cast a strange light at dusk which, the city's chief claims, allows some to communicate with Mother Nature.


Arrival at Maderia

After reuniting in the forest, the kids were quickly captured by Yuka and his men and taken to the city to meet with the chief. They arrived at the outskirts where Anurna had to get off and stay, as no firebenders were allowed to stay inside the main city. the boys were taken by tree rafts to the Mother Tree,

The chief's quarters.

where Yuka introduced them to chief Aran as prisoners. When Aran discovered that one of them was the Avatar, he let them all - except Anurna - stay in the luxurious guest rooms, and offered to teach Dover and Sedgley plantbending. For the next few days, they pair practised plantbending with the chief, but faced difficulties, while Erik went sightseeing as well as amusing a bored Anurna. When Aran saw that the boys were about to give up their training, he sent them into the wilderness for a week to connect with nature.

Attack by Clandestines

While Dover and Sedgley were still out in the wilderness, Erik had finished up his and Anurna's battleship game by inviting her to a spiritual bonfire celebration, but was interrupted by the start of an attack on the western rim of the city. Initially they thought it was the Bloody Knuckles from Chan Dai, but they later found out it was the Clandestines (when they saw Inducers). Yuka and his team came to their aid, fending off the attackers with plantbending. At first Yuka thought Anurna was responsible for the attack but later agreed to let her help defend Maderia. Erik and Miko were told to go warn the chief.

On his way to Maderia's palace, Erik was stopped when there were no plantbenders to help him use the tree raft. Luckily, Livia stumbled upon him and joined him on his way to Aran. Going so fast, the raft was derailed and they were both flung into the air, about to fall to their deaths before Livia used plantbending to save them and release them at the chief's door. When they came across Aran, he said that attacks were coming from all around the city, and that his generals were doing a good enough job fending them off until the Avatar returned. Erik said there was no time and was about to warn Aran that the attackers were coming under the city too but an explosion cut him off. Aran wrapped Erik and Livia up in vines and placed them on a safe footing, before commanding the citizens of Maderia into action, passionately spurred on by seeing his palace and other parts of the city being destroyed. He and Livia urged Erik to find Dover and Sedgley and flee the city.

Abseiling down the side of the tree, Erik heard Miss Zaida's threat over the microphone that she would burn down the city if the Avatar wasn't surrendered. Shortly after, he was attacked by a Clandestine and fell from the tree. Miko tried saving him but wasn't able to.

Moments earlier, Dover and Sedgley had reentered the city after seeing smoke coming from it beforehand. Sedgley spotted Erik falling, and saved him by swallowing him up in the water. After thanking them and reiterating Aran's orders for them to leave, Erik passionately rebutted Sedgley and Dover's protests to stay, reminding them that they had bigger things to do and had to stay alive. Anurna suddenly burst into the scene, arriving from a scuffle with Miss Zaida herself, commenting on the direness of the situation, and they all agreed to leave.

Running west, they avoided more Clandestines by taking deserted back alleys. Livia suddenly came out of nowhere, wounded, and begged them to stay, revealing that Aran had been killed in the fight. Yuka came up to them and calmed down the hysterical Livia, reminding her that Maderians had gone through worse and that they'd be okay. When he was killed by Miss Zaida's earthbending, Livia fled, and the kids entered a quick fight with Miss Zaida and Clandestine troops. After Dover saved Anurna from Miss Zaida by finally plantbending, they left; the Clandestine woman screaming that she'd burn the whole city to the ground. They left the city and headed west through the forest.

Notable Figures

Chief Aran

Aran is the chief of Maderia. Enigmatic and deeply spiritual, he apparently has a knack for staring into peoples' eyes and reading them, as he did with Dover and Sedgley before agreeing to teach them plantbending. He truly believes in the power of the Mother Tree, and that she could help defend off the Clandestine attack. A highly proficient waterbender and plantbender, Aran managed to hold off the Clandestines for a while before falling in battle.


Yuka is one of five generals of Maderia, and is stationed in the West. He often goes out on searches for food and enemies in the western forest, where he arrested the kids, and defended against the Clandestine attack in the western sector of the city. Usually grumpy and sour, his collected composure and proficient plantbending skills kept him alive during the attack, but was killed by a surprise attack from Miss Zaida.


Livia is a private in Maderia's plantbender defence corp and is usually rambunctious and witty. She helped Erik during the Clandestine attack, but otherwise crumbled under the pressure and strife. Usually stirring up Yuka's temperament, she survived the attack only thanks to his words of encouragement.

Flora and Fauna

Built atop a giant tree, flora is a major aspect of the city, surrounded by hundreds

Trees are an important part of Maderian life.

of different species. Pythonacondas, bats, white whiptails and red robin-hawks (plus, assumedly, a surplus of other animals) live in the surrounding forest and Maderia has a bird enclosure containing lots of different birds. Fungus, fireflies and 'little critters' live inside the Mother Tree, and most likely around the city as well.


  • 'Maderia' has derivative meanings of plants in its name.
  • Firebenders aren't allowed into the city due to the possibility that they might burn it down, and are treated with a bit of callousness by the citizens.
  • The Mother Tree is inspired by that in Avatar, but James Cameron's version.
  • In The Last Airbender, this area is usually dry and hot. However in this fanon, it is humid and heavily forested. This is due to the wet winds which carry down from the mountains, which were formed by the changing of plate tectonics over the generation.
  • Though set four generations after Avatar: Legend of Korra, Maderia, and many other locations, do not seem as technologically advanced as would be assumed. This is most likely due to economic factors and availability to resources, or that Maderia was founded by lost travellers.

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