Maaya woke up in at eight o'clock that morning. While she tried to open her eyes, she heard shouting downstairs.

"Maaya, WHAT ARE YOU DOING!" Oops. I have to get up. She looked out the window, only to see the sun high above where it was supposed to be when she usually woke up. Oh great, I'm late, she thinks.

Her mother, Heya Jung, rushed into the room with Maaya's elaborate headpiece and makeup box.

"You should be up by now, honey. You'll be late for your Haiku class. I'll order another Ostrich Horse carriage for you to ride in."

"No, that's okay mother, I'll be fine to walk." Maaya repiled.

"No, I insist. You will be late if you walk. And besides, you don't know the way." And so it was decided.

Maaya hopped in the carriage after getting ready. Her hair was styled perfectly in her usual style. She usually hated the way her mother cooed over her, but right now it felt good to be pretty, since the carriage boy was looking nice today.

"Doing anything special today, Miss Maaya?" He asked politely.

" No, just going to the 5-7-5 Society again. Nothing special." She replied.

"Well, that would be special in my family. My aunt Sela visited the 5-7-5 Society last week, and she thought it was amazing. She said that it was the most beautiful thing she had seen in her life." He says while riding though the partially crowded space of the main street in the Upper Ring.

"You're the most beautiful thing I have seen." Maaya muttered under her breath.

As they came in sight of the royal palace, the carriage boy took off his hat in honour.

"Why do you do that every day?" Maaya wondered. She was particularly curious today.

"I come from the Lower Ring, so we have to do it as a sign of honour. You don't need to." He says quietly.

Maaya jumped out of the carriage only to be greeted at the front door of the 5-7-5 Society by Madame Macmu-Ling.


"I woke up late," Maaya says as she blushes. The carriage boy was still watching her as she entered the ornate hall.

"Goodbye, Miss Maaya." He said. "Goodbye, love of my life," He then says inaudibly.

Maaya was greeted by her friend Sakura with a big hug.

"I was wondering were you were!" She whispers into my ear as we settle down on the tatami mats to learn Haiku. To Maaya, this was the most boring thing possible, as all they did all day was speak, write and listen to Haiku. Maaya knew that Madame Macmu-Ling was very passionate about her Haiku, but she just couldn't bring hersef to enjoy it.

"Rain falls, seeds sprout Continues life from something Small but strong, it grows."

This was her favourite Haiku at the moment. She repeated it to Madame, and the class clapped. They thought it was excellent, but they had no reason to talk about growing things of seeds and dirt. The were Ba Sing Se nobles, not farmers. They had no place in the agarian zone, just as the farmers of the agarian zone had no place here, in the Upper Ring. Everyone had a place in Ba Sing Se, and Maaya's was here, in the 5-7-5 Society. Maaya knew this, but didn't accept it.

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