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Fire Lord Ma-Tin is the present Fire Lord as of 319 AG and descendant of Fire Lord Zuko. She became Fire Lord when her father passed away unexpectedly. She asked her cousin, Rishu to aid her.


Ma-Tin was first-born and Crown Princess of the Fire Nation. Living in a time of peace, she did not mature at the rate as her ancestors did. When her father passed away, she was only sixteen when she took the throne.

Ma-Tin knew she was not ready to rule and asked for her older cousin Rishu, her senior by four years, to help her. Rishu became Regent and taught her how to rule. Rishu and Ma-Tin's co-rule was incredibly prosperous and popular, and the people wanted Rishu to become Firelord, so did Ma-Tin, though he refused.

Ma-Tin's closest friend and bodyguard, Kage, was killed during a Triad attack on her visit to Republic City. She took the hit very hard but continued on with the plans she had made with Rishu.

After eight years of ruling, Rishu resigned as Regent and became Councilman of Republic City, giving Ma-Tin absolute control of the nation for the first time. On Rishu's advice, she has allied with the Earth Kingdom to invade Republic City and blockade any resisters or sympathizers with the city.

Ma-Tin knows that Rishu is following someone's orders but can't comprehend who.

Ma-Tin comes to Omashu in order to head negotiations alongside Kuir. When she speaks privately with Avatar Tala, she implies her history with Prince Kuir. She once was with the Crown-Prince of the Earth Kingdom before she was coronated. They broke off the relationship since because of their positions, however, Ma-Tin still hasn't gotten over her first love and remains unmarried.


Ma-Tin is a powerful firebending master in her own right. The problem is that she is often compared to her cousin, Rishu. A prodigy who is more powerful than her, but Rishu has stated that she has more knowledge about lightning than he could ever have.


  • Ma-Tin doesn't want to be Fire Lord, even eight years later.
  • Ma-Tin has yet to marry and has no children, as such she has named Rishu her heir, further implying her wish that he replace her.
  • Ma-Tin is indeed not as great a firebender as Rishu, but her lightning generation is far superior than his. Something Rishu will admit makes her dangerous.
  • Rishu has called Ma-Tin little 'Tin, implying this was her childhood nickname. Rishu still calls her this from time to time to remind her how little she knows about a specific subject.
  • Anime style drawings of Ma-Tin will present themselves as Fates and Vows comes out.
  • Ma-Tin would be considered a Yandere.
  • Ma-Tin's mother was a Kyoshi Warrior.

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