MMXV: Four Elements
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December 2014-




The story of MMXV takes place on modern day Earth where a third of the human race has the ability to control one of four elements; Fire, Air, Water or Earth. Science is yet to find an explanation for the existence of these people, who have been dubbed 'Benders', though the worlds spiritual leaders maintain that the origins stem from a higher power.

In London, a group of vigilante Benders make it their duty to create a more just society and ensure a balance between citizens is maintained. They are helped in their task due to the unique feature in one of their members, he can bend all four elements, something that no one believes is possible.


After I put my first series, The Legend of Atka, on hiatus when I started university I've always been looking to write something else Avatar related to keep my writing urges quenched. I'd been finding Atka difficult to get back into so I decided to start a second Fanon series, something a bit more mature and gritty, this is when I came up with the idea for MMXV. The idea of a modern day Avatar is something that had always interested me and whilst Korra had a more modern setting I found it quite difficult to connect with, mainly because I loved the older setting of ATLA so much. So rather than adapting the Avatar world I decided to move it into the 'real' world. There is a lot of scope for good storyline in a setting such as this (I hope) and I want it to be an interesting Fanon that maybe reflects the issues of today. Anyway, I hope you enjoy reading this Fanon when I eventually get round to completing a few chapters!


Nothing here just yet! Stay tuned.

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