By Jtwin1 Part of the Avatar: Neo Revolution continuity.
Biographical information

Haven (until time of death)




404 AG


Avatar Kaen (as the Avatar)


Dover or Sedgley (as the Avatar)

Physical description


Hair color


Personal information
Fighting style(s)

Airbending, waterbending, earthbending, firebending


Dover or Sedgley (as the Avatar), Ju Dee


The Clandestines

Chronological and political information

Member of the Opera of the Sky Musical Trope


Fully Realised Avatar

Lyn is a recurring character in Avatar: Neo Revolution and was the airbending Avatar to proceed either Dover or Sedgley as the Avatar.


Last Days

All that has been revealed about Avatar Lyn's history as that she gave her own life in 404 AG to avoid being killed by the Clandestines while in the Avatar State. The tragedy of her untimely death occurred after a stellar performance given by her and her Theatre Troupe.


Lyn prefers performing than attending to worldly duties as the Avatar, indicating that she is a bit ignorant and self-centered. However, once faced with death, she was also shown not only to be emotional, unable to bear the thought of saying goodbye to more people than Ju Dee, but to come to terms with her duties. Having regretted being uninvolved, she set out to fulfill the only thing she could do right as the Avatar; preserve her spirit.

She was also shown to have some connection to her spirituality - seen having an inexplicable reverence to the stories of old presented in the plays she performed.



Being her element of birth, Lyn has mastered airbending. She, and the rest of her troup, under her tutelage, utilise airbending to manipulate theatrical objects such as fans and ribbons on stage during her performances. As well as producing the simple gusts of wind to blow back danger, she is able use advanced techniques to render herself capable of flight.


Being a fully realised Avatar, it can be assumed that Lyn is a master waterbender and, although being the only instance of waterbending shown by Lyn, she was able to waterbend at the same time as airbending. This includes pulling water from clouds mid-flight, enveloping an enemy in it, freezing them, and then using the frozen enemy as a projectile.


Being a fully realised Avatar, it can be assumed that Lyn is a master earthbender, however she has only ever been seen making and destroying barricades with this ability.


Being a fully realised Avatar, it can be assumed that Lyn is a master firebender, able to firebend at the same time as airbending. This was shown when she repeatedly fired blasts of flames at her enemies while mid-flight moments before her death.


  • 'Lin' is Chinese for 'fine jade, gem.' This reflects her beauty as an opera singer and was changed to 'Lyn' to move away from the traditional Asian roots and towards more of a Western style, reflective of the world presented in the fanon.
  • Considering the cause of death, Lyn may be the youngest dead Avatar.

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