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Lycaeon is an African Wild Dog and reincarnation of Nobutora. After the Kai dog got killed in the stampede, Marage and his fellow spirit kites gathered him and restored his mind and soul in a new body, thus Lycaeon being born as a result. Pretty much it's Nobutora in Lycaeon's body.

Lost Arc

His first appearance is him right after the process when he wakes up in an unknown world, away from any of the other worlds at the time. He tries to grasp what happened when he oddly remembers the Uragaan stampede that happened to him. He felt very confused and got very excited when he heard Aang's voice, whom ended up being Marage. He got even more confused when he was called Lycaeon instead of Nobutora. Marage explained to him what had happened to him, and mentions a "destiny that his friends can't do without him". After asking where to go, he races off to find a way back into the real world.

He appears later when Aang and Starfire were fighting Jhen Mohran. He shows up on the clouds above with Marage as he puts on, what will be his main weapon in fighting, a pair of golden wolverine claws. He then jumps down strait towards the giant, slicing off one of its tusks, driving it away. He then releases a parachute and lands safely in front of his friends, whom he explains in a way of his situation.

Colossi Arc

Lycaeon caught up with the others alongside Marage when they were talking to Yveltal. After Mel announced Nobutora's death to everyone, he went away after his targets, knowing what REALLY happened to Nobutora.

It's never really clear if he even got to see any colossi on his trip, since throughout the arc he wasn't even mentioned until he shows up with Robin to help Kyoushiro and Teru.

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