By The Snowbold Part of the The Journey of Tala, Fates and Vows continuity.
Azula hanging from a cliff
Biographical information

The Shadow Dragon


Fire Nation


Dragon Estate

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Dark Grey

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Rishu (son)

Chronological and political information
  • Princess of the Fire Nation (by marriage)
  • Grand Marshal of the Navy

Fire Nation


The Black Dragon



Princess Lya, known as the Shadow Dragon, is the descendant of Azula and mother of Rishu, the Apex of Fire. As wife of Prince Luzin, her son has claim to the throne of the Fire Lord. Lya is a powerful and feared firebender. She raised her son to become the powerful man the world saw.


Princess Azula

Lya wore Royal Armor as her marriage made her a Princess.

Lya was born to the powerful descendants of Azula, groomed from childhood to be powerful and cunning. She staked a career for herself in the Fire Nation military. As she continued to prove herself, she caught the attention of Prince Luzin, the second son of the Fire Lord. The two eventually married and had a son, Rishu.

Lya was Grand Admiral of the Navy, and answered only to the Fire Lord. She was an inspiring leader and considered the kindest in her lineage. Lya's fame for power and beauty was widespread in the homeland.

Lya's son, Rishu showed the potential to be as powerful as his mother if not more so. On the return of Sozin's Comet in 300 AG, the world was at peace and Lya's family was at her family's estate. She soon heard screams of madness and flames so powerful they burned white from where her son was. She had the Imperial Firebenders take Prince Luzin back to the Royal Palace while she dealt with Rishu personally.


Zuko fights Azula

Lya's blue flames made her a famous firebender in her time.

Lya was a powerful firebender. Capable of producing blue flames whilst also mastering the element completely from the Dragons. While a complete master that was on par with the Fire Lord, she stated her son would surpass her one day.

Lya was a gifted strategist and a powerful politician. Her cunning use of her marriage gave her the ability to increase her family's power, securing an influential place for her son, Rishu.


  • Lya is a descendant of Azula, and her husband is a descendant of Zuko, Azula's brother, Rishu therefore claims ancestry from both of Ozai's children, though it is little known.
  • Lya is the spitting image of her ancestor Azula, except her eyes which are dark grey.
  • Lya has written journals that will feature in Fates and Vows.

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