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By French Froglegs Part of the Sozin's Blood continuity.

Mr Luong was a history teacher at the Fire Nation Royal Academy for Boys. He taught history to the generation of Prince Iroh, who was his best student, and Jiuan, who was the worst student he ever had.


Not much is known about Mr Luong's history - ironic for a history teacher. It was stated once by Iroh that Mr Luong was exactly thirty, though it is unknown how he managed to learn it. If this was true, this would mean that Mr Luong was born in 22 AG.

By 52 AG, Luong had been teaching for a while already, creating a reputation that he was the best teacher of the Fire Nation, despite his young age. That year, he began teaching to Crown Prince Iroh and Jiuan. He and the later grew an intense dislike for one another, each trying to ruin the life of the other.

At some point, Jiuan managed to steal Mr Luong's pants without him noticing, which unleashed pandemonium on the Royal Academy for Boys". At some other point, Jiuan stole Mr Luong's "Fire Lord Sozin : His life, his work" (first edition) and ensured Chan was accused of the theft.

Personality and traits

Sozin's portrait

Mr Luong had a portrait of Sozin under his pillow.

Mr Luong was a harsh man, extremely hard with his students. He expected nothing more that to have them give the best they had. He was also an adept of physical punishment. Despite that, he thought he did what had to be done and that was the best for his pupils.

In privacy, however, he was known to be very shy, blushing often and stammering a bit. He was very uncomfortable with women.

Mr Luong was known to be a devoted supporter of Sozin's policy, having written a pair of theses on the subject.

Physical appearance

Mr Luong was considered beautiful by many of his colleagues of the Royal Academy for Girls. He was tall, had perfect features and green eyes (a rare trait in the Fire Nation) ; his hair was tied in a top-knot and he had ebony black sideburns, which he enjoyed toying with.


Mr Luong wasn't a Firebender ; his only ability known to the public was his incredible encyclopedic knowledge of the history of the Fire Nation, from the Sun Warriors to Azulon's most recent conquests. Jiuan often joked on the fact that Mr Luong was dead-boring, but this wasn't true : Mr Luong actually was one of the rare chosen ones in the Multiverse to be an History teacher who wasn't boring.

Mr Luong also enjoyed writing romantic poems, which he sent to his lovebird from the Fire Nation Royal Academy for Girls.



Mr Luong, as stated above, was a very demanding teacher, often asking to write whole essays in one night. He also strongly supported corporal punishment, thinking it was the best way, although regrettable, to make a pupil work ; however, unlike some other teachers in the Fire Nation, he did not enjoy it.


Mr Luong thought of Iroh as a deity, descended from the heavens to show the true way to the barbaric maggots also known as teenagers. Luong had already seen good students, but Iroh would be the only one he'll ever had to fulfill his expectations.

The fact Iroh would one day be the next Fire Lord didn't hurt either.


Jiuan was Mr Luong's archnemesis. Jiuan was clever enough to know when he had reached the limit and managed to successfully annoy Mr Luong while never receiving any beating on the fingers. The reason of such dislike between the two might have come from the polar opposition of their personalities : Jiuan's laid-back attitude clashed with Mr Luong's "Work is the best for you."

Romantic interest

Miss Huang

Miss Wei Huang was the music teacher of the Royal Academy for Girls, playing the Pipa beautifully. She was 5 years younger than Mr Luong. It was love at first sight ; their romantic natures got along well. By 54 AG, Mr Luong had been courting her for three years.

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