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Luo is an Earth Kingdom soldier, one of the most influential in Shenji's unit.


Early Life

Luo was born to an Earth Kingdom lawyer and his wife during the middle years of the war. At age five, he discovered his Earthbending abilities when he accidentally split his father's stone desk in half. He was immediately enrolled in an Earthbending academy where he excelled, becoming incredibly proficient in the art.

His training was cut short when he was drafted into the Earth Kingdom army as part of a regional selection process. While he resented being uprooted by the Army, Luo felt that it was his duty to serve, and accepted his service willingly.


Luo was placed in a unit on the War's front lines. Luo made it through several battles, growing in skill with each fight. His exploits in battle caused him to be seen as an authority in the unit. Luo also gained favor from his officers by completing all tasks set for him.

When Kuro attempted to create a group to attack a Fire Nation camp, Luo debated him. The points raised showed Luo's conservatism, doing simply the tasks the unit was directly order to undertake. The argument was broken up when officers entered, but Luo seemed to have influenced the soldiers to his perspective rather than Kuro's.

Later that night, while on nighttime watch with Cren, Luo notices Kuro and Shenji sneaking around the camp. Luo attempts to fairly question the two, but Kuro's lies and Cren's rash actions escalate the situation into conflict. Kuro manages to defeat Luo and he is left unconscious while Shenji and Kuro take a map from the storehouse.

The next day, Luo and Cren are questioned by various officers. When the pair's Captain enters, Cren boldly states that he is capable of defeating both Shenji and Kuro if he encountered them again. The Captain offers Cren a chance, ordering both Luo and Cren to leave camp in order to return Shenji and Kuro to the camp.

While searching for the fugitives, Cren bets Luo that he is incapable of capturing Shenji and Kuro. Luo, tired of dealing with Cren, accepts and leaves to track the soldiers. Luo first finds Kuro, who is surprisingly alone. After a struggle, Kuro explains that Shenji has been taken prisoner.

Luo offers his assistance in order to rescue Shenji in exchange for the pair returning with him. With reluctance, Kuro accepts. The pair come up with a plan to smuggle Shenji out of the camp, burrowing underground in order to sneak through the camp. After stealing uniforms, Luo snuck into the camp with Kuro and found Shenji in a prison with Kuan and Gahn. After formulating a plan to leave, Luo walks with the group hoping to escape the camp without a fight. However, after running into General Mung, the plan was quickly scrapped. Luo helped lead the group out of the camp, taking out several Fire Nation soldiers on the escape.

After the escape, Luo tries to bring Shenji and Kuro back to Cren. The pair refuse, but Luo doesn't back down. Kuan freezes him to a tree, leaving him waiting until the ice melts to escape. When he breaks free from the tree, Luo returns to Cren and lies about his day.


Luo is a powerful Earthbender, rising in respect among his comrades. He is capable of moving large quantities of earth with great speed and force. Having trained in his bending since he was a young child, he is quick to use his talents potently. He is an intelligent soldier, able to quickly formulate effective strategies that prevent damage to his comrades and defeat enemies. Luo has a tendency to show restraint in battle, not brutally killing his foes and having a moment's hesitation before attacking or defending, though this second has always benefited him more than harmed.

Recently, Luo has mentioned that he can sometimes feel the earth beneath him, being able to sense people's positions through the earth, though other Earthbenders dismiss this as superstition or luck.

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Luo is both a spiritual and reflexive man.


Ingrained with a deep sense of justice from his father, Luo grew up both honest and patriotic. He has a strong sense of duty, believing that serving his country is the right thing to do. That being said, Luo never wanted to be a soldier and is biding his time in order to get out of the army. Luo believes that all things must be done with full effort, so he refuses to leave his country's service until he is allowed to through legal means. He believes that Shenji and Kuro have a justification for their concerns, but not actions. He is outspoken and believes in protecting the Earth Kingdom citizens, but feels held back by his duties as a soldier. Luo's honor is quite important to him, desiring to keep it upheld at all times.

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