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By Gingalover Part of the Avatar: New Universe continuity.
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Great Desert

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Straw Hat pirates

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Straw Hat pirates (captain)

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The Straw Hat

Luffy is a young strong willed captain who came across Starfire and Aang while they were going through the desert. He's also leader of the Straw Hat Pirates, a sea crew of the great desert.

He first appears in the first town Aang and Starfire stop at. He ends up getting thrown out of a building during a tussle and finds Starfire with his hat. He quickly takes it and goes right back in, scaring all the people out. He goes back out confident in himself and introduces himself to the two. After thinking, he decides to take Starfire request and brings them both along so they can get out of the desert to find the others.

A few days later, he went and the group stops at an Arib Traders market. He doesn't show up until after Aang and Starfire leave Hetch Al'dim's tent, after winning a lot of money from a bet. He asks them both to help and gives it to Starfire.

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