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Water Tribe




85AG - Still in Power




Still in power

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Infinity Sword (Claymore), Waterbending

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Josik, Malefic, Infinity Order


All none Infinity Order members.

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One of Three Emperors of Infinity


Emperor of Infinity

First appearance

A Bloody Beginning

Luccaino is one of the Three Emperors of Infinity in Avatar: Bridge to Infinity.

Before Bridge to Infinity

Early Life (62 AG - 77AG)

Luccaino was born to a wealthy Northern Water Tribe family and was gifted with the ability to Waterbend. He quickly became a Waterbending prodigy and was revered by the tribe as on of its greatest warriors in training.

However, at the age of 15 when on a hunting trip with some friends he was caught a massive sea storm. Luccaino was saved by Josik and was shown that his tribe had already given up any attempts to find him. Enraged, Luccaino decided to join the Infinity Order and began being groomed as a successor to Dunga, an Emperor of Infinity.

Ascension to Emperor (85AG - 97AG)

Luccaino eventually succeeded Dunga in 85AG after his death on a combat mission. Luccaino quickly took a liking to his new role and embraced it. Gaining notoriety he quickly became favored highly by Josik and Kailus the other two Emperors. Luccaino decided he would oversee the intelligence branches of the Order and quickly compiled data on every single one of their rivals.

Malefic Arrives (98AG Onwards)

When Malefic became an Emperor of Infinity in 98AG, Luccaino strongly opposed the appointment. He argued Malefic was too young and foolhardy while in reality, Luccaino simply disagreed with Malefic decisions and goals. He began opposing Malefic on everything and wastes no time in getting Malefic annoyed.

Bridge to Infinity

Malefic's Plan

Luccaino is in the Infinity Order's throne room with Josik and Malefic. He is arguing that Malefic's plan will fail by pointing out it's flaws. His objections are overruled by Josik who grants Malefic twenty men to accomplish his task much to Luccaino's annoyance.

Fighting Aang

Luccaino then, under orders from Josik, intercepts Avatar Aang in his journey to help Zuko in the Fire Nation. After forcing Aang into the Avatar State, Luccaino proceeded to apparently kill Aang his faithful Sky Bison Appa.



'Luccaino Unmasked'

Luccaino has a calm and collective personality, However it can on occasion get out of control. Luccaino is easily aggravated and annoyed, he will quickly 'jump the gun' when insulted and takes any insults to his pride badly. As such Josik has to keep Luccaino on watch in case he makes any rash decisions.

He values his friendship with Josik and other members of the order highly. He dislikes Malefic with a passion and is always looking to insult or one-up him. Luccaino sees himself as Malefic's rival as they are constantly fighting over their talents and status.

Luccaino sees himself as a powerful and proud man. This may differ from how other people see him but they dare not speak out. Luccaino defends his image intensely if it is criticized and anyone under his command who dares to differ from his goals or ideals soon finds themself either banished, locked up or in a watery grave...



Luccaino is a deadly Waterbender able to create massive tides and tsunamis. He can conjure moisture from any living being, even his enemies. His most deadly attack is suck moisture out of a living being and as result his victims turn to dust.

Infinity Sword (Claymore)

Luccaino, like most Infinity Order Waterbenders, uses the sword to increase his Waterbendings's power massive. He is also an expert in using the sword in close-combat as no opponent The sword itself is made of the legendary metal Orichalcum and can cleave any other weapon in two effortlessly. Embedded in its core is circular liquid crystal which reads the user's element and alters the blade chemically to conduct that element better.

Luccaino uses a modified version of the sword in the style of a claymore, This increases the sword's power output allowing for more impressive techniques. This does come at a cost however, as the sword can only stay active for short periods of time.

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