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By Gerardthemighty Part of the Avatar: The Highlanders continuity.
Biographical information

"The boy with a skirt"



Birth place

Inver Garvin



Physical description



5ft 6


9 stone

Hair color


Eye color


Personal information
Weapon of choice

Hatchet, Sword, Bow and arrow, Water Bending

Bending style(s)


Chronological and political information


Luag is a water bender Highlander and comes from the settlement in the mountains of the southern island chain called Inver Garvin. He was once a highland warrior but after the fall of Inver Garvin he found himself living in the Fire Nation, pretending to be a colonist child.

Early life

Luag was born into the Highland tribe in the middle of winter. He initially lost his mother to the cold storms but his father survived to raise him. He never cared much for playing and at the age of 8 he would constantly sneak out with the older boys of his tribe to hunt, fish and explore. At the age of 9 he lost his father to a pack of wolves which gave him a lifelong hate for the creatures. This was shown in front of his friends when he brutally bet a wolve to death horrifying his friends. At the age of 10 he would have finally found peace as he began to learn water bending from the village elder. For 4 years he would practice and succeed through trial and error alongside his fellow water bender Allak. In the summer of his fourteenth year he would encounter the Avatar who arrived searching to learn waterbending. When the Fire Nation arrived searching for the Avatar, he would take refuge with Luag and Allak. After a week of fighting the highlands fell and Luag and Allak fled as stowaways to the Fire Nation.

Life in the Fire Nation

Luag and Allak fled to a city in the east of the Fire Nation. It was here that they attempted to blend in by attending a Fire Nation school.

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