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Lu Ten
Lu Ten
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Act 4: Wandering

Prince Lu Ten was the son of General Iroh, grandson of Fire Lord Azulon, and great-grandson to Fire Lord Sozin. He was the nephew of Fire Lord Ozai and Princess Ursa, and cousin to Zuko and Azula. He was killed during his father's famous 600-day Siege of Ba Sing Se.

Lu Ten's death had a traumatic impact upon his father, causing him to abandon the siege and ultimately provided an opportunity for Ozai to usurp the position of Fire Lord from his brother.


Iroh and young Lu Ten

Lu Ten and Iroh

A Prince of the Fire Nation and soldier in its war against the Earth Kingdom, and only son of General Iroh, Lu Ten died in combat against Dai Li Agents during the Siege of Ba Sing Se. When he learned of his son's death, Iroh was so heartbroken that he abandoned the siege of the city, claiming that he and his men were tired from the extensive time away from home. Within the Fire Nation, after his uncle Prince Ozai learned of Lu Ten's death and Iroh's subsequent actions, Ozai petitioned their father Fire Lord Azulon to crown him heir to the throne, claiming that Lu Ten's death meant that the royal bloodline would end with Iroh, since he had no further heirs. Azulon was enraged at such a request, but because of his death soon after, Ozai took the throne. Iroh himself did not challenge Ozai's claim, even though he was the elder brother, and did not attempt to secure the throne for himself.

Lu Ten had volunteered himself to infiltrate Ba Sing Se. It was necessary to find out the location of the palace. He did so by attacking Pathik and forcing the information from him. After learning the information, Pathik alerted the Dai Li of his presence. After a short but violent battle, Lu Ten was killed. He was thought to have been taken prisoner by the Earth Kingdom. After 600 days, Iroh learned his son was indeed dead, and he ended the siege. How he learned this is unknown.

As revealed in flashbacks during "Bitter Work", Lu Ten and Iroh had a strong relationship during Lu Ten's childhood, and they remained close during his adulthood. His death had a profound effect upon Iroh, whose personality shifted more towards a calm acceptance of life, rather than continuing to participate in the current war.

Had Lu Ten lived through the war and Iroh taken his rightful place as Fire Lord, Lu Ten would have been next in line for the throne.


  • The picture on the altar that his father Iroh set up in "The Tales of Ba Sing Se" has his name as 路騰 ( Lù T'éng ) which translates as "road to gallop over."
  • Lu Ten was first mentioned in The Siege of the North when Iroh informs Zuko that after Lu Ten's death, Iroh began treating Zuko like his own son. A younger Lu Ten was then seen in Bitter Work and a picture of an older Lu Ten was displayed at Iroh's altar for him during "The Tales of Ba Sing Se".
  • Lu Ten's mother is unmentioned.
  • All the known Fire Lords, Sozin, Azulon, Ozai and Zuko, have the letters Z and O in their name. If Lu Ten had lived to be a Fire Lord, he would be the first in at least three generations not to bear either letters in his name.


See Fire Nation Royal Family

  • Iroh (father)
  • Ozai (uncle)
  • Zuko (cousin)
  • Azula (cousin)
  • Azulon (paternal grandfather)
  • Ilah (paternal grandmother)
  • Sozin (paternal great grandfather)
  • Ursa (aunt)

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