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Lu Ming
Lu Ming
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Air Nomads


8 BG


113 AG

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5 ft

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White, (Black in youth)

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Grand Master of the Black Lotus Assassins


Black Lotus Assassins




100,000 gold pieces

Lu Ming is an airbender who survived the genocide of his people and the grand master of the Black Lotus Assassins.


Early Life

Lu Ming was raised at the Northern Air Temple before the genocide of his people. As a child he was mischievous and a prankster, as most Air Nomads were. He once saw Aang as a small boy but never met the Avatar. He was very skilled at airbending as a child, learning to glide at the age of six. His life would take a drastic turn two years later.

Surviving the Genocide

When the Fire Nation attacked the Air Temples, Lu Ming fled with the other children on a flying bison, but were pursued by firebenders enhanced by Sozin's Comet. The firebenders shot them down and killed all but Lu, not for a lack of trying, the firebenders severely burnt him and left him for dead. Lu Ming desperately crawled for safety once he thought the firebenders had left. He passed out a few miles outside of a nearby village, and would've died there if he hadn't been found by a group of traders who nursed him back to health.

After the Genocide

For the next ten years Lu Ming lived on the road. Out of fear he kept his airbending a secret. He was constantly on the run for fear of the Fire Nation finding him. Over time however he got sick of running away, so he went to a place where he thought the Fire Nation would never go, the Si Wong Desert. Once he was there he found himself living with the Sandbenders, which turned out to be perfect for him. Here he could pass off his airbending as sandbending. On top of everything else their nomadic lifestyle really suited him. He was able to live there peacefully for 50 years. There he became good friends with a young sandbender named Des. Unfortunately good things never last.

First Act of Revenge

When Lu Ming was about 68 years old the tribe of sandbenders he was living with began steal things from Fire Nation patrols passing through the desert. Lu Ming feared that the soldiers would retaliate against the thefts, but went along anyway for a chance at some payback. The first couple of heists went well, but the soldiers were eventually waiting for them. The last heist was disastrous, the soldiers killed most of the raiders, leaving only a handful left. Lu Ming and the survivors fled and accidentally led the soldiers to their camp. Before they could pack up the soldiers were upon them. The sandbenders were massacred, only Des and Lu Ming survived because they had fled during the heat of the battle.

They didn't go far though. They followed the soldiers back to their camp waited for them to go to sleep. Once they had the two struck, quietly killing as many as they could. When they were discovered it was far too late, Lu Ming and Des had already killed most of them in their sleep. Lu Ming had cut loose and began to test out some brutal airbending moves he had thought up during his exile. Most of them worked with devastating results. Once they were all dead Lu Ming took their blood and made an arrow on his forehead. When Des asked him about it he replied "It's time I remembered what I am." Lu Ming then ordered Des to bury these soldiers deep in the sand. Once the scene of battle was gone they left the Si Wong Desert, the time of hiding was long over.

The Black Lotus

Over the next few years Lu Ming and Des had traveled the Earth Kingdom, destroying every Fire Nation base they could. During that time he had Des apply his airbender tattoos, only instead of the usual sky blue color, Lu had his done in blood red. Over time rumors began spreading about an angry airbender spirit taking its revenge on the Fire Nation. When Lu Ming and Des heard these rumors they couldn't help but chuckle. Neither could the current leader of the Black Lotus Assassins, a man named Kang.

One day while Lu Ming and Des were sabotaging a Fire Nation base in an isolated location, they were met by a man in a black armor, Kang. He claimed it was an honor to meet the legendary Air Spirit, and applauded their brutality towards the soldiers and offered them an opportunity to join his group, if they could complete a special mission. They both accepted. The stranger then took them to a secret base on Ember Island, where they received the details of their mission, kill Fire Lord Azulon.

The mission blew up however and the two barely escaped with their lives. Kang was surprisingly understanding however, he then revealed that he never expected Lu Ming and Des to complete their mission. They were merely distractions while other assassins stole something very valuable from the palace. In any event Kang was impressed that Lu Ming and Des had survived, and welcomed them to the Black Lotus Assassins.

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