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Lu Bu is a very powerful martial artist who serves under Jiàn Shèng as his apprentice, until he believes he is ready to strike his master down.

Lu Bu
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Jian Sheng


Under the band of warriors that his master and Giano follow, Lu Bu quickly came under the wing of Jian for his ruthlessness in a fight against a would-be thief. Since then he has been given harsh training under his master to be the strongest, and, as such,Lu Bu has learned a fighting style that has given him a way to use his chi in negative ways. Jian then revealed to him one truth: When the Apprentice had become capable of usurping the Master, they would be worthy of being the strongest. He now works for the Sediao but when he feels ready he will kill Jiàn Shèng to become rank Di Wu (Fifth), and go from there all the way to number one.


He doesn't enjoy fighting like his master, but sees it as a way to gain power. He will not fight anyone unless he finds a fighter worthy of his power as is his warriors code. Lu Bu is seemingly brutal and angry, but he is quite honorable and a proud warrior who enjoys training and has contempt for true weaklings. He is rarely seen smiling, and enjoys fighting formidable warriors; he also hates it when somebody actually interferes with his training as he is quite serious in fighting, and enjoys getting stronger. He is often silent and will not speak to people he believes are weak; he generally only speaks when his master needs to speak with him, or when asked a question by other strong people.


Akuma has red hair in in an upright style, glowing red eyes with black sclera, wears prayer beads around his neck, a charcoal gray dogi, and a piece of twine around his waist in lieu of an obi.

Abilities & Equipment

He taught himself a nameless life-threatening martial art that uses the chi in his own body, but his murderous intent has corrupted it and turned him into the form he currently has. Although his form is evil, his power is great and his fighting prowess has been tremendously increased.


Based off Akuma (obviously) and Darth Bane, his relationship with Jian Sheng is similar to Star Wars Rule of Two.

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