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Long Feng



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November 4, 2009

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Lovely Yue Dies is the ninth chapter of Long Feng.


The next morning, Jet and Haru fought to save Yue's life. This time Zuko offered his blood. But where had all the blood gone? Who, or what, was taking it from her? "A brave man's blood is the best thing on earth!", stated Haru.

Jet watched over Yue that night. It seemed to him that her teeth looked sharper than usual. Once again, a huge winged lemur flapped outside.

In her sleep, Yue pushed the garlic flowers away.

By morning, her neck wounds had vanished. Haru summoned Sokka at once.

Yue woke, and asked for a farewell kiss. She looked so lovely! He was heartbroken.

But Haru pushed them apart. Yue was furious! A strange, cruel look came into her eyes, she snarled like an animal. "Not for your life!", warned Haru.

But finally her old, sweet self returned, and she died peacefully. Haru placed a crucifix on Yue's mouth......but in the morning he discovered that the housemaid had stolen it. He said that they had to remove Yue's head and heart. Jet was horrified. "It is too late! There are strange and terrible days before us.", said Haru.

Katara and Aang had come back to Ember Island, and were busy working together. Iroh had died. He had left them his house and law business. Aang was stronger, but not yet fully recovered.

One day, Katara saw Aang staring at a tall man with red lips and white, pointed teeth. She thought the man had a cruel expression, but Aang seemed to recognize him. "I believe it is Long Feng, but he has grown young!", exclaimed Aang.

Aang was shocked, and had to sit down and rest. Katara knew that Aang kept a secret diary in Ba Sing Se, and she now decided that she had to read it. Once she knew what he suffered, she might be able to help. She didn't want him to be ill again.

Back home, they heard the sad news that Yue and her mother had died. With a sorrowful heart, Katara started to read Aang's diary. It was terrifying!

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