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This fanon has been discontinued, but is still available to read for your enjoyment.

Love is Brightest in the Dark
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Romance, Adventure, Drama






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Titanic and The Last Airbender: The Legend of Korra

Love is Brightest in the Dark

I have temporarily placed The Perspective of the Banished Prince under inactive in order to create this fanon. I hope the readers enjoy this! The main inspiration was James Cameron's film Titanic. After seeing that movie, I thought, 'What would an A:TLA version of Titanic be like?' Thus, Love is Brightest in the Dark was born.


The story takes place during Korra's time. A luxury passenger ship, the Blue Diamond, has been built in the Water Tribe. The main story is about Priya Rai, the sixteen year old daughter of the General, who is going to Republic City with her mother and fiancé Ching. On the ship, she meets Trinn Kapoor, a poor seventeen year old musician and artist. She finds herself falling in love with him but is conflicted. But when the ship strikes an iceberg, the voyage of a lifetime turns into a struggle for survival. Some chapters will be told from both Priya and Trinn's point of view but others will be told from just Priya's.


Young Hama

Priya Rai

Priya Rai (Rose DeWitt Bukater)- The strong-willed Water Tribe-born protagonist of the story. She is a skilled healer and a beautiful girl.


Trinn Kapoor

Trinn Kapoor (Jack Dawson) - A Water Tribe boy who was born in Republic City and is going back home. Also a strong character. He enjoys more freedom than Priya.

Long Feng


Ching (Cal Hockeley) - A twenty-year-old man with a very haughty personality.


Neela Rai

Neela Rai (Ruth De Witt Bukater) - Priya's mother.

Shreya Patel (Molly Brown)- a first class Fire Nation woman who was originally a third class person but had a family inheritance. She is considered a 'new penny' by Neela Rai.

Shreya Patel


I had to give this a PG-13 Rating because since this is based on the Titanic disaster, I want to make this as tragic as possible. My main goal is to create an enjoyable experience for my readers who have watched James Cameron's Titanic.


  1. Fanon: Leaving Home and Going Home
  2. Depression and Enjoying Life
  3. Bonding and Sketches
  4. Real Party
  5. Change
  6. Struggle pt. 1
  7. Struggle pt. 2
  8. Tragedy
  9. Rescue
  10. Epilogue

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