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Love in the Air
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Avatar: The Last Airbender


The Legend of Korra

It's a romance fanon on Tenzin and Pema's wedding. This is my one-shot story written for TyphoonMaster's competition. (I hope you like this even if it's kinda on the mushy gushy side on and never thought I'd type "mushy gushy" ever...) The story is in Tenzin's perspective and present tense. Enjoy :)

I sigh heavily. Feeling highly nervous, but very excited at the same time.

I walk over to a mirror, looking at my outfit. A traditional airbender getup. The same one my father wore at his wedding. A long red robe with a yellow collar. When I was younger, my father told me that all airbenders wear these fancy robes for a special occasion.

My head, which is as bald as ever, showing my blue arrow tattoos I worked for many years to achieve. I can only imagine how Pema must be feeling right now, because I might hurl out of anxiety at this point.

I smooth my furry eyebrows and stroke my small, but growing beard.

My best man is my older brother Bumi and Pema's bridesmaids are my older sister, Kya and her sister. Bumi tells me I look great and he's happy for me. For once, he's not teasing me. Our mother walks in the room we're in and Bumi leaves. My mother puts her hand on my shoulder, smiling with tears in her eyes.

"I'm so proud of you...and your father would be too." she says.

A tear rolls down her face and I embrace her, I walk out with her, and the wedding begins.

When I see Pema, my heart stops. She looks absolutely breathtaking. She's in a traditional airbender getup as well. A bright red cape, a darker red dress and some yellow wrapped around it as well. She's also wearing a flower on the left side of her head, just above her ear.

We smile at each other as she approaches me. We finally come face to face about to be wed.

I look over to my mother who is still trying to contain her tears of joy. I look over to Bumi who smiles at me happily and gives me a quick thumbs up. I can't help, but smile back. Even though my father passed not too many years ago, I know he's here with me...with all of us right now.

I start to sadden at the thought of Lin. Other than Pema, she's my best friend and didn't invite her to come. But if I did, she wouldn't have enjoyed herself at all. Both ways, I lose, and it was always that way with her.

The minster walks out and he begins his speech to the room. When he asks if there are any objections to why we shouldn't be wed, the room is silent. Pema and I smile at each other, almost hypnotized in each other's stares.

"You may now say your vows," says the minister.

I take in a deep sigh and smile happily at Pema. "Pema," I begin. "When we first met, I didn't know what I was in for. For the longest time, I thought we'd just be really good friends...but I'm happy to call you my best friend. I knew not too long after all the rocky stuff I went through that I wanted to be with you. You are just what I was looking for and you complete me. I love you."

"Oh Tenzin," says Pema almost in tears. "When I first met you, I was fascinated by your culture. You made it even more exciting to learn about it. It wasn't long before I realized I wanted to be more than friends with you. I knew when I confessed my love to you that day you'd accept it. I knew we'd be together forever and I can't wait to spend the rest of my life with you. I love you too."

Almost everyone in the room is in tears. Even the minister is trying to hold back from crying. He manages to say the line of which I say 'I do' without tearing up. After he finishes his sentence, I look into Pema's eyes again and softly say "I do."

The minister repeats his sentence to Pema. "I do," she says.

"You may now kiss the bride," the minister says.

Pema and I simultaneously wrap our arms around each other and share a long, passionate kiss, marking the fact that we are married now. I have the most wonderful, loving, caring, beautiful woman ever. It won't be long before we start a family together and carry on the styles of airbending to my future children. I know Pema can't wait either.

At the reception, Pema and I have our first dance as a married couple. In between steps, we can't help, but whisper 'I love you' in each other's ears. After our dance, everyone in the room begins to dance. Except my mother.

I walk over to my mother and hold out my hand to her.

"May I have this dance?" I ask her.

Without saying a word, my mother grabs my hand and I lead her to the dance floor. We begin dancing when mom starts to sadden.

"What's wrong, mother?" I ask.

"Nothing. It's just...Aang and I used to dance like this sometimes." She lets out a sad sigh.

"It's weird...I know my father wasn't here to see me, but I felt like he was." I wonder how mother will respond to this.

All she does is look at me happily and says, "I felt him here too."

I guess just because someone isn't alive doesn't mean they can't still be there for you. I know my father was here tonight. Watching over this happy day. And they'll be even happier days that I know I'll feel his presence again. I know that today I've made my father proud.

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