Love at First Sight
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Ganto - Airbender From Northern Air Temple


Book 2: Struggle



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10 June, 2012

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In the Sea

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Last Night...

Ganto couldn't sleep,he was thinking about the weird 'dream'.He decided to walk around the ship.He walked to stern,he got on well deck.He sighed,then he saw a girl,her hands were laid on railings.Ganto walked to her and tried to start a conversation."Hello,miss."He said and smiled,the girl looked at him.She was a bit surprised."Hello.."She replied."It's really cold out here isn't it?"He asked."Yeah,it is."She said."I'm Ganto."He said and bowed a bit."Aria."She said and bowed back.

Ganto laid his hands on railing and looked down."I've wondered how the propellers look like."He said."Yeah,I've been thinking about the same,they must have been huge."She said."Very huge..."He replied.

"Would you like to get a cup of hot tea?"He asked.Aria looked at him,thought for a second and then.."Yeah,I'd loved to."She said and smiled.

"Great!"He said and smiled back."Let's get inside."Ganto and Aria walked inside the ship."So...You're an airbender?"She asked.

Ganto sighed a bit."Yeah,i am."He said."It sounds like you don't like to be one..."

"No,no...It's not like that.I love airbending,it's all I have left from my family...There is something else wich bothers me.."

"What is it?"She asked.When you'll arrive in the city..I'm sure you'll understand."He said."Oh...Okay..I'm a waterbender."She said and smiled a bit.

Ganto walked to his cabin and opened door."All Cafe's are closed,so I will make a tea for us in my cabin..If you don't mind."He said."I don't mind."She said and smiled a bit.They both walked in,Ganto closed the door."What tea do you like mostly?"

"Jasmine."She replied.Ganto nodded and made jasmine tea.He gave cup of tea to her,and took a cup of tea for himself.Aria took a sip of tea."Wow!Ganto,this is the best tea I've ever drink."She said and smiled.

"Thanks,my father taught me how to make great tea."He said and smiled back.Some hours later they were still talking and eating cupcakes,they laughed."Aria looked at the clock."Oh my...I gotta go.It's really late!"Ganto looked at the clock."Oh dear...Yeah,you better get back."

"She was about to leave,but then turned to Ganto.Thank you for the tea and everything...See you tomorrow!"She smiled and left.

"See you tomorrow!"He smiled and waved.

Tomorrow morning Ganto and Aria met again,they were walking around boat deck and talked about childhood."And then at age of twelve I earned my airbending Tattoos,and I kept living in Northern Air Temple till age of sixteen,then my father died and I left for Republic City..Later I went to Ba Sing Se."

"Wow...You actually had pretty rough childhood..."She said.

"I know,but I also had much fun with Teo."He said.

"My mother died when I was very young,she taught me everything I know..."

"I'm so sorry...She was a waterbender?"

"Yeah."She said."My father and brother are earthbenders..."

"I see...Why don't we change the subject?"He asked."Yeah,better."she replied.They kept walking around the deck till sunset.

"You know, my dream has always been to just chuck it all and become an artist or I don't know..A Nomad... living in a garret, poor but free!"

Ganto chuckles"You wouldn't last two days. There's no hot water, and hardly ever any caviar."He said.

"Listen, airhead... I hate caviar! And I'm tired of people dismissing my dreams with a chuckle and a pat on the head."She said.

"I'm sorry. Really... I am."He said.

"Everybody expects me to be a delicate little flower wich I'm not!I'm sturdy,I'm strong as a horse!I'm here to do something not just sit around and be decorative,and I love fighting!"

A waiter walks to them with a plate."Good evening miss,would you like some tea?"

Aria looked at him upset."No!"She said,Ganto laughed.The waiter began to walk away and kept an eye on them for a second.Ganto and Aria keep walking around decks.

"Well, alright.There's something in me,Ganto.I feel it.I don't know what it is,whether I should be an artist,or,I don't know...a dancer.Like Isadora Duncan....a wild pagan spirit...!"She said while laughing a bit and dancing.

Then she saw a photograph and then her face light up,she ran to him.

"...or a moving picture actress!"She posed for the photographer as he took picture.

Some moments later they were walking around the Promenade deck again"I could give you a ride with sky sky bison sometime"He said."Oh my god,that would be so cool!"She said while laughing."Yeah it would!"They both laughed."Ganto,we've spend so great time together..."She said.

"Yeah...We've had."He said while smiling."She looked at the sun,i gotta go now.We can meet again later.It was really a pleasure to talk to you,Ganto."She said while smiling.

"It was a pleasure to talk to you too."He smiled and waved to her as she left.He looked at the sea and smiled then he kept walking around the ship happily.

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