Love; If Only for a Moment
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August 5, 2013




Avatar: The Last Airbender

Love; If only for a moment

Her lips felt like the delicate petals of panda-lilies falling gently in the breeze onto his own. Her hair felt like fine silk brushing up against his face. Katara's locks undulated in the clam breeze and wisps of brown silk licked the crown of his head. He could feel the warmth flow off her body and splash his skin like welcoming ripples in a hot spring. Aang's grip was lovingly soft yet firm around her waist. He held onto her like a dove; soft enough to not crush her delicate wings yet not loose enough to let her slip through his fingers and fly away like a memory. She embraced him back with zealous love and overwhelming passion. She pulled him in like waves sucking in tiny pebbles on sandy shores. Her scent wafted into his nose and was like a blooming bouquet of a fine wine. It was bursting with complexities and streaked with hints of floral and fruity aromas. The love from the two radiated further and more intensely than the rays of the sun on a blistering summer's day. This love seemed to warp reality like light trickling through a glass prism and illuminating the world in vivid light that stretched across all spectrums of emotion. Then the moment shattered and seeped away like the sands of time pouring through the palm of a man's hand. A deafening noise cut through like a frigid gust through a field of flowers; freezing and blowing away the panda-lily petals with such haste only their shadows were left behind...

The sky, which had turned dark, had erupted into a new sunset. Clouds of dust and ash stretched their sickly fingers into the heavens. The reflection of blood colored flames danced in the deep blue pools of Katara's eyes. Preceding the initial blast there was nothing but silence. A silence so loud it pierced the ears of those receiving it and drained every thought from their minds and replaced it with poisonous dread. Then the screams and cries of men and women washed over the two star-crossed lovers. As if woken up from a deep trance Aang sprung up without hesitation and grabbed his staff. He kicked off from the cold stone ground and flew off into the inferno that raged in the distance. Katara, immobilized by shock, stood there. Her chest felt crushed under the gravity of what just occurred and a jittery nervousness rose from her bosom to the bottom of her throat.

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