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September 12, 2014

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Darkness, sweet darkness. A sweet melody flowed over. I turned to my side only to be greeted by the loudest yelp ever. I immediately woke up and found the source of the yelp: My dog Yuki. Her face was literally saying "I must do my business or I will have to ruin your beautiful sheets." I quickly took her out into the lawn. It was barely 6 in the morning. It was freezing outside, and my tank top and red pyjama pants did me no good. As soon as Yuki was done, I raced back inside. Heat had never been so relieving. Despite the fact that it was early, my Grandma was already up and was watching a sitcom on the giant plasma TV. Old people had this really annoying habit of sleeping at midnight and waking up at the crack of dawn. I sighed and went back to bed. I woke up about an hour later and started getting ready. I pulled out a white dress shirt out of my closet. I also added some black denim jeans and a black and white striped T-shirt and a smart black tie. I combed my shiny, black hair and put on a matching black and white hair band. I added some black eyeliner and lip gloss for good measure. I tossed in a few book in my satchel and headed down to the kitchen counter. Grandma was whipping up some toast.

"How do you feel?" she asked.

I munched down on my toast. "No," I answered completely honestly. "What if people don't like me? What if I turn into a laughing stock?! What if they give me extra attention for being from the Supreme Clan?" Okay, scratch that, let me start from the beginning. About twelve years ago, the Fire Lord of the Imperial clan committed genocide of my clan. Grandma and I were the only ones able to escape. So we fled to the Capital of our country knowing he would have no authority here. We were hoping to have a nice little life here but the government soon found us. Feeling guilty that they weren't there for our people, the government showered us with a gigantic house and buckets of money. About a week ago, they managed to convince us to let me join Four Nations High, the most famous and renowned high school in the capital. And that's how I ended up here. But I have to admit, I was still very excited. The last social event I attended was a wedding when I was three.

"Dear Rin," said Grandma, "there's nothing to be scared of. The guys that like you, they will take time to understand you." I felt that grandma emphasized "guys" just for me. "As for the ones that dislike, they're nothing to be concerned about!" she said with a wink.

"Okay, I feel a bit better now," I said.

"Well then, let's get going!" said Grandma. I grinned.

I got up and walked towards the garage and got into the backseat of Grandma's mint green car. Fifteen minutes later, I was walking towards the gate of my new school, waving goodbye.

"Text me when you're ready to be picked up!"


As soon as I walked in, I knew I was seriously out of my league. Everywhere I looked, hundreds of teens where doing homework, fighting and whatnot. I stopped near the main entrance. That's when I saw her. A tiny girl was standing near the entrance, fidgeting with her calculator. She was wearing a green T-shirt underneath a black fishing vest and yellow denim jeans, Despite the fact that this girl was only 5'2," every last fibre of her was packed with muscle.

"Hi," I said, starting the conversation, knowing the risks. This girl probably ate kids like me for breakfast.

"Oh, hi there," she said re-adjusting her glasses. "I was caught up in my calculations. "That's when I saw the rest of her face. Thick black bangs covered part of her face, but I could make out a pair of milky green eyes. Her hair was tied in a loose bun at the nape of her neck.

"I'm Rin Zeoni. Nice to meet you. I'm new here, so I was hoping you could help me get started. Sorry if I bothered you," I said.

"You're not bothering me at all! In fact I'd love to help! There's a good forty minutes  before classes, so I could probably introduce you to my friends as well," she said. "I'm Toph Beifong, by the way."

My jaw dropped at the last statement. "Toph BEIFONG?!!? I'm your biggest fan! Your fights are legendary!"

"Gee, thanks," she said with a blush. "Anyways, let's get started!" She started dragging me through the building. "You need to meet the secretary first. She'll give you your schedule," she said, pointing to a small office building. "I gotta take care of something," she said and ran off.

I introduced myself to the secretary and asked by schedule. The secretary was a warm woman to gave me a complementary candy bar along with my schedule. I stashed the candy bar in my pocket and started walking towards the direction Toph had went to. I started reading my schedule. That's when I bumped into someone. I was ready to punch them in the stomach, but when I looked up I immediately changed my mind...

Zuko's POV What now?! It's already bad enough I have a physics test today, now blind people running around school hallways! I mentally facepalmed. I looked down on the person ready to give him/her a piece of my mind. Instead of a face I was ready to punch I saw a face I was ready to fall in love with. Beautiful red eyes accented with a swipe of eyeliner and subtle, but beautiful cerise lips.... we stood there suspended in time for a while.

Rin's POV This was no ordinary figure I was ready to beat the ever living life out of. Gorgeous amber eyes, one marred by a gruesome scar, we were unable to take our eyes of each other, as if we were suspended in time.

Toph's POV I came back to the secretariat building, munching on a Kit Kat Bar. It was not a good idea to miss out on breakfast. "Hey Rin, where are you? I'm back." That's when I spotted them staring at each other like statues. Must have been one of those "Suspended in time" moments. Anyways, I decided to wake up the two from their coma. I yanked their hair, resulting in a complaint from each of them. "Alright newbie, time to meet my friends. Apparently you two have already met. Rin, this is Zuko Rinofire. Zuko, this is my friend and the last supreme firebender Rin Zeoni."

"Rin, that's a beautiful name you have there," said Zuko.

"Thanks," said Rin.

"Enough mushy stuff! LET'S GET A MOVE ON FIREBENDERS!" I said as I dragged them through a small glade.

Rin's POV I sighed as my crazy first friend dragged me through a glade, literally pulling me and Zuko by the collar to a glade. That's when I saw the most ragtag group ever imaginable. There were a girl and boy from the water district, judging by the type of clothes they wore, A smiling figure clad in pink and a Gothic, lonely looking figure hidden among the shadows. There were also pair of a bald and semi- bald teens, the first wearing orange and yellow, the second wearing orange and green. The first one already had airbending tattoos. The second was playing with a miniature tornado in his hand, and was sitting quite close to the Water Tribe girl.

"All right guys, I want y'all to meet my new friend," said Toph, beckoning me to go forward. "Everyone, this is Rin Zeoni. Rin, this is Katara and Sokka Yukina, Katara's boyfriend Kai Otaku, Airbending Guru Aang Nomad, anti-social freak Mai Agni, pink gymnast Ty Lee Lilon, and of course, you know Zuko already, so that's pretty much everyone," she said, pointing towards the Water Tribe siblings, then the semi bald kid, the illustrated bald guy, the gloomy looking girl and finally the pink clad girl.

"Wait a minute," said Sokka, popping up in an almost cartoon like manner. "Why are your and Zuko's initials mirror images of each other?"

"They are?" I asked. "Well, that's a strange coincidence?"

Katara checked her watch. "Um, Rin, you might want to get started on your schedule soon. Only thirty minutes left until classes start."

"Okay," I said, sitting down on a rock. "Let's see..."


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