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Biographical information

Kooky Nomad Girl (by Chey)

Birth place

Near Makapu Village, Earth Kingdom



Physical description




Hair color

Light brown

Eye color


Personal information
Bending style(s)





Padma (Mother), Sen (Father)


Nomads, Jade, Kan, Michiko, Amma, Chey

Chronological and political information

Earth Kingdom, Yin Warriors



Lotus is an female earthbender from Makapu, Earth Kingdom and a current member of the Yin Warriors.


Early Life

Lotus is a nomad earthbender and only daughter to Nomad couple, Padma and Sen, who were nonbenders. She was born in a cave nearby Makapu Village when it was raining and was brought up with a nomadic lifestyle unaware of her bending. When Lotus was traveling, when she was five, her earthbending abilities were discovered and her parents couldn't teach her due to being nonbenders. Weeks later, they stopped at a cave and found badgermoles, the original bending masters, and let them teach her, hoping to learn earthbending. As soon as her training was completed, she started to bend with great promise at the young age of seven. Her mother and father were also excited with her newfound abilities that she could control with a slight ease and no struggle. Later that time, Padma made her a doll whom she named "Catty". Lotus separated from the nomads and continued to travel alone. Weeks later, she started to teach younger earthbenders in nearby villages, teaching her knowledge to her students in the future. Lotus stopped at many villages to teach people her master earthbending skills. As years went on Lotus attempted to make friends but people declined due to her eccentric nature and lack of residence. Some point in her life when she was ten, she found a baby foxcat in the woods eating her leftovers. Lotus saw how starved it was and offered her more; she got comfortable enough and let Lotus pet her. She named her "Jade" and gave her a modified collar to wear that used to be a bracelet from her mom. Even with Jade by her side, Lotus was still lonely and wished to be accompanied by different people from other places.

Journey in the Fire Nation

At the age of 15, Lotus passed by a harbor town and heard two fishermen saying they were delivering some elephant koi to the Fire Nation. She proudly took on that opportunity to leave and visit foreign places and meet new people. Lotus and Jade stowed away on the boat and it sailed off. Lotus was excited to see the different features of the continent. As soon as she got off and left, she was in the Fire Nation. She had a face of content and a look in awe. She looked at all the differences and saw the beginning of her journey. The first village she went to, she wanted to be in disguise to blend in with the people to be less noticeable. Lotus stopped at a Fire Nation town to get some food and saw two teenagers, Michiko and Kan, dancing in the streets. She quickly introduced herself and eventually gained Michiko's trust, but couldn't impress Chey easily. But at night, when she saved Chey from a rampaging dragon moose by removing the boarcupine quills from its rear end and consoled it, Chey thanked Lotus and initially warmed up to the earthbender and respected her.


Like all nomads, Lotus had a calm, cool demeanor and was sweet tempered, also oblivious to the negativity around her. But as an earthbender, she had a violent side, feisty, and always raring to go. She has proven herself to be a smart, independent, young woman, who carefully thinks her ideas before rushing to things. Due to her curiosity, she is prone to stick her nose in others' business and often uncovers a lot of discoveries. Lotus contains eccentric-like qualities; like during her travels, her only friends were animals, because no human ever noticed her, and she was often alienated, which made her crave for attention by people. She was considered shy in her youth. Lotus insults people whenever they are wrong at times and often laughs at them to makes things worse for it. She's the paranoid one and tends to be the "Drama Queen" of the group. Lotus tries her best not to hurt people who like her a lot though whom she only sees as friends. Lotus cares deeply about the safety of her friends and family, whom she loves the most, and will often be hostile if they are in danger and resorts to using her earthbending to squeeze information out of the enemy. She is a very honest person and has never lied before in her whole life, because she is known to be terrible at it when she tries. She'll admit anything to people and accepts the fact that she is the most insane girl anyone has met. Lotus has often shown jealously, but she knows how to control it to keep from hurting people she loves the most. She often drops hints for her friends when she feels neglected and ignored and she'll openly state it in anger when everyone is oblivious. Lotus tends to be slight flighty in certain areas but still has a stable mindset. She doesn't take well to being accused wrongly or rejected as normal people do; it can even lead her to lose a friend or not talk to them. Lotus wasn't well liked by other children due to the fact she has odd customs and didn't have a stable home.



Born an earthbender, Lotus' earthbending skills quickly showed great promise when she was only seven. Her earthbending skills are very different than others' as she can form sculptures of rocks and other complex shapes. She can control the ground from farther reaches. Her skills are very dangerous and use a fine yet violent control. Lotus also can also do sandbending. Because of training in a dark cave, her eyes didn't adjust to brightness and she often wore a blindfold in combat.

Other Talents

Lotus is considered to be good at animal taming, as she can calm down moose lions and pygmy pumas within seconds. Lotus has shown an artistic side, as she is good at painting and sketching. Lotus also has a seamstress talent, as she can make new clothes out of old fabric fitting to her taste. Lotus can be good at acting, as she can never miss a cue and stays in her character very well. She has also shown to be a novice at dancing as well. She happens to have immensely great math skills, which is surprising to her friends. Lotus also happens to be a good strategist even if her plans sound ridiculously impossible at first; it works out in the end.



Lotus and Michiko shared a sisterly bond. After saving the firebender, Michiko and Lotus were quick to get along, but Lotus was envious about the fact that Michiko could make friends. Plus having a carefree attitude was what made Michiko envious in turn.


Kan was a bit skeptical of Lotus' eccentric and oblivious nature but declared her lifestyle a dream come true. When the two first met, he was frazzled by the Nomad's nature and carefree outlook. Lotus was considered his hero and would inspire him. Kan always babysat Lotus due to the fact she was more childish than him.


Chey wasn't very open to Lotus, but she thought different. Chey was a sharp contrast to her quirkiness and couldn't trust her. He was on guard and unimpressed by her antics. Cheyenne warmed up to her after saving him from the rampaging moose lion.


  • Lotus is one of the few known earthbenders to have nonbending parents.
  • She is also the first of the few earthbenders with lavender eyes rather than them being a standard green color.
  • Lotus wore Fire Nation attire that is similar to Toph's Fire Nation disguise.
  • Lotus' favorite food is komodo chicken.
  • Lotus shares a few positive traits with King Bumi.
  • Lotus has a star-shaped birthmark located on her left leg.
  • There have been hints that she is also autistic.
  • Sparrowkeets make her nervous.

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