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Lost and Found
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Chapter 13

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The Journey

Chapter 13: Lost and Found

Bumi launched three slabs of earth at his opponents, and each was blocked. However, Bumi's game was far more complex than that simple maneuver, and he sent two fissures toward the two weaker guards immediately after the slabs. One of the guards managed to avoid the attack, but the other was submerged up to his head. Bumi stomped and launched the man up to the ceiling, knocking him unconscious.

Fung brought up several rocks at once, kicking them toward Bumi while changing the earth beneath him into quicksand, immersing the King of Omashu up to his head.

"What were the rocks supposed to do if you were going to help me dodge them in the first place?" Bumi taunted.

"Distract." Fung stated.

The Earthbending warrior failed to recognize that Bumi was not out of the action yet, and the Old Master lifted his head, launching both warriors into the ceiling.

Fung staggered to his feet; the other did not, while Bumi brought himself out of the earth. "I'm the most powerful Earthbender you'll ever see, kid. You can't beat me."

Fung Chu clutched his side. "I can't, but there are those that would wipe the floor with you! I'm only the first."

Bumi felt another, but it was too late to stop what was coming. However, he would make this a Pyrrhic victory. He felt the earth spike heading toward him at the same time as Fung's attack, but he used his superior strength to redirect his rock back at him, while at the same time sliding his foot toward the general.

He felt it; the spike had penetrated. Bumi collapsed.

Fung broke up the rock as it flew toward him. "Nice try, old man!"
Earthbender captain

Bumi chuckled. "Think again, fool."

Fung looked down and saw that a large spike had come out of the ground right in front of him and had penetrated his chest. He looked at Bumi, eyes wide with pain and shock. "Distraction.... Nice touch..."

The other Earthbender stepped out of the shadows. "Your time is over, King Bumi. I am truly sorry to have lost a great Earthbender like you."

Bumi turned his head. "What is your name?"

"I am General Ri Wu, Yuan Chong's High General."

Bumi snickered. "Well, Ri Wu, I'm not dead yet." He placed his hands on the ground and sent tremors all up the walls. The throne room began to crumble, and soon it began to collapse.

Ri Wu smiled. "Well played, King Bumi, but it won't be enough. Die well." With that, Bumi's foe launched one last rock, ending the life of the old king.


The sight of her mother brought tears to Azula's eyes, tears she never thought would come. "What are you doing here?"

Ursa's face showed nothing but pity and concern. "I knew that when I returned, you would be the one I'd see."

Azula was confused. "What? What do you mean?"

"Azula, I only have time to see one of you right now. I have other matters to attend to."

Azula turned away. "Then why not see ZuZu?" She asked bitterly. "He is the one that wants to see you; he's been looking."

"Because, Azula, he knows I love him. You do not."
Azula's vision

The tears flowed freely now. "What?"

"You've gone through life feeling like I hated you. I never did." Ursa touched her daughter on the shoulder. "I have never stopped loving you. I came to you because you needed me."

Azula was sobbing now. "I always thought that you—."

"It was not true. I loved you both so much. But Zuko needed my love expressed more often because he could not find it with Ozai."

Azula turned and embraced her mother, feeling loved for the first time in years. "Thank you. I wish I could have spent more time with you."

"We will, Azula, I can promise you that."


Yun Zhen had just completed his morning exercise routine when Aang and his friends came up to him. "Would you like to come with us on our journey?"

Yun shrugged. "I've got nothing better to do. Where are we going?"

Sokka spoke up. "We're headed to the Fire Nation to meet with Prince Zuko."

Yun sat down. "You know how I feel about the Fire Nation." He remembered what happened the last time he'd seen it. It had not gone well; in fact, it could not have gone worse.

Katara offered him her hand. "We know, but things have changed. Zuko isn't a bad guy, and he needs our help."

Yun chewed on his lower lip. After a few seconds, he made his decision. "Alright, I'll come." He looked at Aang. "What about Appa? He can't carry all of us, can he?"

"No," Aang replied. "We're splitting up. We were thinking that you, Katara, and I would go to Gaoling to pick up Toph while Sokka, Suki, and anyone else would head straight there by boat."

Yun raised an eyebrow. "Why not just go as the three of you while I go with the Kyoshi Warriors?"

Sokka fiddled with his sword hilt. "We thought since you were having issues with Ty Lee..."

"Who told you that?"

"Come on, it's kinda obvious..." Yun nodded. "That, and Suki tells me everything." Sokka shrugged.

"Fair enough, but I still think that you guys should stick together. From what you've told me about your adventures, bad things happen when you split up."

Aang interjected. "But what about—?"
Eager Sokka

"I'll just have to deal with my issues, besides," He looked at Sokka. "Suki will keep me in line."

Sokka scanned the group. "So it's settled? Good, I'll inform Suki as to the change. We leave at noon."


- The decision to kill Bumi was an incredibly difficult one to make, but I ultimately did so in order to further Yun Zhen's character and introduce a major antagonist, Ri Wu.

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