Lost Without You
Lost Without You
Her Loss Brings Out My Worst
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Lost Without You is a fanon tragic-drama written by AvatarBeau96. It takes place a mere 20 years after the defeat of Fire Lord Ozai, and focuses primarily on Aang, his daughter Kya, and his brother-in-law Sokka as they cope with the loss of Katara after her passing at the hands of childbirth.


Just as Aang and Katara were about to begin their family, a sad tragedy takes Katara's life as she delivers their first child. Her loss leaves a traumatizing effect on Aang, causing him to become someone almost entirely different. He disappears for five whole years before returning home to Republic City, instantly catching the negative-attention of Sokka, who makes it his duty to help his long-time best friend pull himself back together and continue his life as it should be lived.


This story focuses on the effect the loss of a loved one can have on a person, especially if that loved one was a key part of that person's life. In this case, it is the loss of Katara that has the traumatic effect on Aang, sending him into an emotional spin that completely turns over his life for the worst. The story, while definitely having depressing moments, is meant to show how, even with fictional characters, any living human being can become something completely different than what they are when their emotions fall out of their control, as well as their beliefs in who they are and who they wish they could be, while, whether they realize it or not, is exactly what they can achieve so long as they truly strive for it.

Influence and Inspiration

The story was inspired by the two-season anime, Clannad; primarily its second season, Clannad ~After Story~. The show focused primarily on the value of family and friends, while the second season has a tremendous impact on viewers after depicting the death of a well-liked character whose life tragically ended after giving birth.

Some few weeks afterwards, the story went into production while on a family trip in July of 2012, and was first published on, intending to reach lengths the aforementioned anime hadn't dared to cross, but keeping the readers interested with its realistic nature of human psychology, causing actions not reasonably explained by their influence of overpowering emotions.

Main Characters

Aang - The primary character from whose point of view the story is told, recollecting on his past mistakes and his own pitiful image while submerged in his pit of emotional turmoil. After Katara's passing, he left Republic City for five whole years, hiding out in various locations before finally returning, leaving behind his one and only daughter, Kya. It isn't long before he returns home that he is forced to make a decision between raising her alone, or hoping the life she has gained over the years is better suited for her.

Sokka - The second primary character of the story, who quickly takes notice of Aang's changed behaviors when he suddenly returns home. Sokka quickly makes it his primary objective to help his long-time best friend get his life back together, and reunite him with his daughter, whom he'd been raising since she was born in the absence of her father. However, his attempts don't prove very effective, and eventually begins to struggle between reuniting a broken family, or admitting that the damage left has become permanent, and he must raise his own niece.

Kya - For five years, she's been left to assume her father was away dealing with the responsibilities of being the Avatar. What she doesn't realize, however, is that she's been neglected by him all this time, left in the hands of her uncle and aunt. As her father's presence in her life remains scarce, even after rumors of his return, she begins to realize what's really happening with her family.

Suki - Sokka's wife, who has helped raise Kya with her husband ever since Aang went away, in hopes that when her father returned for her, she'd be raised just as her mother would have wanted.


  • Chapter 8: Seeking Redemption (Under Production)

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