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March 17th, 2015

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Avatar Jing Returns

Fire, Air, Water, Earth. Only the Avatar, master of all four elements, can bring peace to the world. Searching day and night, the Avatar is no where to be found. Some say that the Avatar Cycle is broken, or the Avatar died young and reborn into the Fire Nation. They never lost hope. And in hope they will find The Lost Earthbender.

It all started on Korra's death bed. Korra was getting very ill, Asami was at her bedside. The Avatar, Korra, lived a long life. Korra died in Asami's arms and thus Avatar Jing was born. Korra's state funeral was watched on television by millions of viewers. And the search for the Earthbending Avatar began. The unknown Avatar Jing was sleeping in his crib one night and an Earthbending witch named Song was looking for some prized possession so she might be rich. She saw Jing sleeping in the crib and Song knew he was an earthbender, but the dribbles came out of his mouth as water floating in the air. Song knew that he must be the Avatar and Song took Jing out of his crib and away from his family and his hometown.

Jing was 5 years old and still in the house that he was locked in. He learnt four elements and was a master at earthbending, struggling on fire, air and water.

"Don't play with fire, my little one," says Song.

"Sorry, Mommy," replied young Jing.

Jing grew more curious each year on why he was locked in the house for so long. Years rolled by and the story truly began on Jing's 16th birthday. Hoping he could finally get out of the house for once and have a good one night out in Ba Sing Se, Jing was listening to some tunes on his iPod. Song knocked on Jing's bedroom door and said to Jing:

"Jing! Time for chores!"

"I don't think so. It is my 16th birthday," said Jing.

Song accepted Jing's request and left the room. Jing also left the room and entered Song's chambers; he found a book about the history of Ba Sing Se from the shelf. Jing read the book.

"I wonder," Jing said, being skeptical about the book.

Jing entered downstairs and asked Song a question about the Ba Sing Se history.

Jing said, "Ba Sing Se had a very strong history in the last few centuries, some kid named Aang who..."

Song interrupted Jing as Aang's name was being mentioned; Song snatched the book off Jing and Jing was concerned about Song.

"Mother? Why did you snatch that book off me?" Questioned Jing.

"History is such a boring subject for... boys like yourself," answered Song.

Jing wanted to say he was interested in history of the world, but too afraid to because Jing really wanted to make his 'mother' proud. Song was leaving the house to get some food for Jing and herself. Song told Jing "Not to go out". It proved that Song was very protective about Jing because of his Avatar status.

"I'll stay here like I always do," said Jing in despair.

Later on, a Northern Water Tribe girl named Luli and a Fire Nation boy named Chang entered a Fire Nation forest in which no one had ventured for years. They were homeless as their hometown got burnt down because of an Agni Kai fight. And lo they found a house beneath the forest.

"I guess we have to stay there for the night, but first let's see if anyone is home," said Luli.

"It is so cold, I know it's September, but it is so cold," said Chang, shivering.

Luli and Chang looked through the window out of Jing's home. They saw nothing and presumed that no one lived here, so they kicked down the door and they saw dirty walls, cricked wooden floors and tables not dusted properly.

"It stinks in here, doesn't it?" said Luli.

"ANYONE HOME!?" shouted Chang.

Luli tried to make Chang quiet, Jing heard the noise upstairs and went downstairs to have a look to see what was going on.

"Mother? You're back?" shouted Jing, wondering.

Luli and Chang hid under the kitchen table, so they wouldn't get caught by Jing. Jing thought it was suspiciously and in thought that someone was in his home.

"Who is in here? SHOW YOURSELVES!" an angered Jing said.

Jing had no choice but to use his earthbending to figure out where these people ware, Similar to Toph's ability to feel the earth but couldn't see. Jing earthbent the table, Luli and Chang screamed as they got caught; they were trapped by a rising boulder, their clothes stuck to it.

"Who are you and why are you in my home!?" demanded Jing.

"Please, we mean no harm, we just need a place to stay!" replied a terrified Chang.

Jing lowered the boulder and let them go and Jing looked at them with no trust.

"Please, sit," insisted Jing.

Jing looked at Luli and Chang in hatred as he was worried that something bad would happen. So Jing gave them tea and talked about their names, what they were like and bending. Jing saw Chang shiver.

"You must be freezing, Let me start the fire for you," said Jing.

"No, let me, I am a firebender," replied Chang.

"Don't worry, I am a firebender, too," said Jing.

The fire in Jing's hand was out of control like an explosion and the logs in the fireplace were on fire. Luli and Chang were shocked by what Jing just did.

"How did you do that? You just bended two elements!" said Luli.

"So... You have other elements too, don't you? Or just one?" said Jing

Luli and Chang looked at each other in shock as they knew who they were talking to.

Luli said, "Jing, don't you know who you are?"

Chang said, "If you can bend more than one element, there must be one explanation."

"The Avatar!" Luli and Chang said at the same time.

Jing looked very skeptical and confused on what was going on, so Jing tried to answer, but Luli and Chang looking at him with a smile.

"The what...?" Jing questioned.

"The Avatar," Luli repeated to him again.

"I don't even know what that is?" Jing said in confusion.

Luli and Chang jaws dropped as Jing denied his Avatar status, so they both explained what the Avatar was to Jing and now Jing realised who he was in shock.

"I need some air," said Jing.

He ran upstairs in shock. He was in his bedroom and couldn't get over the shock of who he really was. Korra's whispered voice saying "Jing! Jing!" Jing put his hands over his head to make the noise stop.

"Stop it! Stop it!" Jing commanded.

And it finally stopped, until Jing said in Korra's whispered voice "Enter the Avatar State" and Jing's eyes glowed...

End of Chapter.

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