By Falconfly Part of the Fire Lord Shen continuity.
Biographical information

Gongmen, China

Physical description


Personal information
Fighting style(s)

Metalbending, Firebending




Zuko's Daugther, Oogway, Darth Shifu

Chronological and political information

Fire Lord's second-in-command, self-interested bastard


Second highest power in the Fire Nation


Fire Nation

First appearance

"The Book of Metal"

Voiced by

Gary Oldman

Lord Shen is a former antagonist in the Kung Fu Panda franchise and an Anti-Hero/Anti-Villain protagonist in Fire Lord Shen. Somehow sent into the Avatarverse, he finds himself interested in the position of power as Fire Lord, but sees himself forced to protect the world from the evil turtle Oogway.

Story so far

In The Book of Metal, Lord Shen finds himself thrown into the Avatarverse for some reason. Confused and scared, he murders a bunch of innocent bystanders, before the Fire Lord, Zuko's Daughter, proposes to take him to the royal palace.

Some time after, Shen managed to rise in power by assassination of his competitors, until he was second in command to the Fire Lord herself. He dines with her, and as Zuko is invited, the peacock falls madly in love with the former Fire Lord, enraging his daughter in the process.

Both go to the park, where they confess their feelings for each other and almost make their relationship official, before Darth Shifu tries to murder them. They succeed in killing the Sith lord, but they realise that Oogway desires to kill the Avatar, so Shen is sent to Republic City.


Shen is power-hungry, trying to usurp the title of Fire Lord from Zuko's Daughter, and implies that he desires to take over the world. However, he fell in love with Zuko, and doesn't want to hurt him, so he is conflicted about his ambitions. As if things weren't worse, Oogway wishes to destroy the world, so he sees himself forced to save an entire planet.


Like his Kung Fu Panda 2 counterpart, Shen symbolises the Chinese elements of Metal and Fire. He can solidify his feathers into silver and throw them like daggers, while he is an expert in canon powder, making intense crimson flames, presumably from Lithium.

Shen is an expert in Kung Fu, but prefers to kill his enemies from a safe distance.


  • Shen's name means "divinity" in traditional and simplified Chinese (焴). This means he might learn lightbending.
  • As far as Magic: The Gathering is concerned, he uses White and Red mana.

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