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"(A:TR) Ep.11: Freedom Fighters"

Longshot is a quiet and rather mysterious member of the Freedom Fighters, due to the fact he never talks. He was the first of the Freedom Fighter recruits.


Due to his mute nature, his personality isn't all too clear. It is known that he is almost never social. His relations are never strong because of this, though he is close to the high-ranking Freedom Fighters, such as Jet and Smellerbee.



Longshot's past wasn't exactly clear like the other members. All that is known though is that his village was destroyed, similar to Jet's village. Unlike Jet though, he had no one to love nor save and he was left alone, only with his father's bow and arrow. Since he didn't have anyone to help him, he had to learn to hunt for himself and this became the reason for his expertise in archery. He eventually came across Smellerbee and Jet while they were being attacked by a platypus bear and he killed the animal with one shot. Since this rescue, he joined the Freedom Fighters in their cause.

Book 1: Water

Longshot appeared with the other Freedom Fighters and he shot Zuko's flame out from his hand. This sparked the ambush and Zuko quickly attacked, Longshot not fighting too much. Later on, he just remained on the sidelines as the events went on down until Raiu took Aang. He was the first to notice Raiu's claw marks left in the wood and directed everyone's attention to it, starting up the search. He didn't find Aang, however.

The silent Longshot didn't do much in conversation, but when Raiu revealed himself again, Longshot was the only one who wasn't defeated on sight and was actually able to drive it back, if only for a little while, thanks to his archery. However, the end result was the same, as he ended up paralysed like the others.



Compared to the other Freedom Fighters, Longshot is more specialized in the archery aspect of fighting. Due to his orphanage, he had honed his ability with the bow and arrow.

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