By Gingalover Part of the Avatar: New Universe II continuity.
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Earth Kingdom





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Freedom Fighters (A:NU2)

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Wedding Day

Longshot is the second in command of the Freedom Fighters. Among much of the team, he is mainly the silent type, a man of few words. The only one who can understand him clearly is Smellerbee. He is also an expert archer, very accurate and deadly with his bow and arrow.

Avatar: New Universe II

Longshot first appears with Smellerbee, Pipsqueak and The Duke, when Smellerbee sets off a firework for the wedding, causing an explosion. He tries to help when Katara and Toube showed up. Throughout most of his appearance through before being captured by S.C.P, he didn't say anything, being the silent type that he is. Before being captured though, he prepared his arrows and attacked first, but that just proved pointless when they were ambushed and pinned down by Smile Dog's group of metal mutants.

Arc 1

Being the quiet one he is, after being tossed to the Cooper World, he remained as a face among the two, not talking all that much. His main scene though is when they were sleeping, where he first meets BEN. The kid's lack of fighting skill and fearful appearance though didn't scare Longshot a bit, and in the end, he just drops BEN outside and went back to sleep.

Longshot followed Suki for a while until he looked at a house and saw Penelope tied up inside. He managed to get Suki's attention and get her out.

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