This is a fan-made story. For the episode of The Legend of Korra with the same name, see "Long Live the Queen".

Earth Kingdom throne room
Long Live the Queen
What if I told you, that the plot to liberate the Earth Kingdom existed long before the Red Lotus?
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It's 148 AG and the Earth Kingdom is in its golden age, in the era of peace and balance under the watchful eye of Avatar Aang and the iron fist of young Earth Queen Hou-Ting.

Or so it seems.

Welcome to the City of Walls and Secrets, once again under the merciless rule of the Earth Monarch and the Dai Li, where your life depends on every word you say and every step you make. The secret organization known as The Rock glove, convinced that the kingdom is ready for democracy and determined to end the tyranny finally found its way from the Lower Ring to the queen's doorstep and managed to plant an assassin into her servants, and now it appears that Hou-Ting's inevitable execution would be the spark that will start the revolution.

Unless, for some reason, the assassin refuses to shoot.


Niva Hoshi – A member of The Rock Glove assigned to assassinate the Earth Queen, she was born in the Lower Ring and never knew anything more than poor, until she and her brother Kaito joined the secret revolutionary organization. She created a false identity as a simple nonbender and entered the palace as a servant, but she finds out secrets and meets people who make her doubt if The Rock Glove can really bring peace, or only chaos.


Kaito Hoshi

Earth Queen Hou-Ting


The Liberators (January 30)

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