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One Shot

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October 13, 2014

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An Earth King who wanted the simple life has his actual life catch up with him when a regent lord wants to destroy his old home.

The year was 1096 BG, Avatar Xi Tong left to train around the world and master the four elements. Avatar Xi Tong was married at the time living somewhere in the western Earth Kingdom with his family. His wife wanted the simple life and so he agreed to it although she was aware of his status besides of holding the title Avatar. Xi Tong's father ruled the eastern Earth Kingdom but there was a day where he passed on to the Spirit World.

It was that day the Avatar and his family were vacationing somewhere. A young courier had arrived by ostrich horse carrying a satchel with goods. Running over to the average height, slightly built, tan skinned man who wore middle class Earth Kingdom clothing which by the way was in style again, silky golden colors mixed with yellow, the jacket he wore had a golden lining, and a yellow interior base color. His hair was black as the moonlit skies in the Earth Kingdom, and atop his head was his hair held up in a hair piece that resembled that of a crowned Earth prince.

After opening the letter did he discover what had been going on for such a long time it came from his mother who was long distressed about the on-goings in the eastern Earth Kingdom capital city of Ba Sing Se.

Closing the scroll he looked at his wife, saddened about what had occurred, he walked out of the inn they were staying in. His wife concerned had left her oldest daughter in charge of the younger one.

"Sweetie, take care of your little sister I'll go check on your father," the woman said.

The young girl nodded, and the mother walked out.

The woman walked out after her husband, Xi Tong continued until he found a rock to sit on, covering his face he began to mourn his father and began to process what was going on over in the eastern Earth Kingdom. He began to blame himself for not saying the final word in the decision that was made for him to stay away.

He began to wonder why the universe had done this to him, why fate had put him in this place. His wife approached she placed her hand on his left shoulder to show support she began, "Xi Tong, what's wrong?"

"Ai-Huli, it's my fault the eastern Earth Kingdom is in disarray.." he paused.

"My father is dead..Baojun has taken over, he threw out my mother out of the palace and as regent lord he has taken the throne and claimed it for himself," he continued.

Ai-Huli had now began to think that this was her fault for persuading Xi Tong to drop the life of an Earth King to live in peace and harmony without putting himself and his family in danger of being targets of the dangers in the world. She shed a tear and told her husband her thoughts.

"If you battle the regent lord, you have my full support but others will think it was fight for power. There must be another away to take the regent lord off the throne," Ai-Huli commented.

Xi Tong nodded, as though he understood he stayed on the rock mourning still he signaled his wife to leave him be for the time being. She gave him a slight nod and she walked off.

Hours later, he heard chanting he quickly went to investigate running into the woods further and further until everything went black. He quickly awoke on large wooden platform with a strange symbol on it. He had been wise, he sat down to meditate and speak with his past lives. Past Avatars came and left, finally he summoned a final one that he knew of. A large muscular airbender, wearing the wooden necklace with the symbols of the four nations.

Opening his eyes with a loud booming voice he spoke as he looked around, "I recognize this place, Avatar Xi Tong you have been chosen by a lion turtle to be gifted the ability to bend energy. To take one's bending away."

Xi Tong thought to himself, "I finally discovered the solution to take the regent lord off the throne."

Days later, Xi Tong had found himself walking the grand halls of the palace that he grew up in reaching the gargantuan doors he blasted air to open them. Baojun stood up in fury and shouted, "Who dares enter my palace?!"

"The crowned prince of the eastern Earth Kingdom!" Xi Tong retorted entering the Avatar State.

Xi Tong breaks open a wall of earth within the palace as he punches and kicks the earth at the regent lord. The regent lord rose a wall that only blocked a few projectiles before breaking he shouted for the guards to attack but they were outmatched Avatar Xi Tong, he bent around himself a dome of air. The winds got stronger as he quickly spun it around himself later to rise into the air. A guard had bent a small earth projectile at Xi Tong as it hit his mid spine. Xi Tong came tumbling down on the floor as the Avatar State escaped him.

Another guard tossed an axe to the regent lord, Baojun walked up slowly to Xi Tong with the war axe in hand. Suddenly Xi Tong quickly entered the Avatar State using earth to trap the regent lord. Baojun screaming now, as Xi Tong placed his thumbs on Baojun's forehead and heart areas. Eyes glowing as he bent the energy within, releasing Baojun from his trap. Baojun tried bending earth but nothing happened.

"Wh-what did you do to me?!" Baojun shouted.

"I took your bending away, you can longer use it to hurt anyone," Xi Tong answered.

"I came to take my place on the throne," Xi Tong added.

The next week he was crowned the new Earth King of the Ba Sing Se province. "All hail Earth King Xi Tong!" the people shouted really loud.

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