Mako and Korra argue
"Struggling to choose what you want,
makes you choose what you don't want

Korra and Mako kiss
Long Hidden Love
The puzzle is complete, for they who wait get what they deserve
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The end of Book One


The Inevitable


The Legend of Korra in general

I am writing this to express my emotions that I have right now, or the emotions I want to have right now; don't know which ones. Makorra shipping, main focus only not for me.


Korra has regained her bending starts a romantic relationship with Mako. They reflect on their past.


  • Korra (major)
  • Mako (major)
  • Asami (mentioned) (minor)
  • Bolin (minor)
  • Lin (mediocre)
  • And....the rest of the group that were in the compound


From the day that I met you I stopped feeling afraid

In your arms I feel safe

In your arms I feel safe

From the day that I met you I stopped feeling afraid

In your arms I feel safe

In your arms

Chorus of "In Your Arms" by Chef'Special

Long Hidden Love

She was back on the ground, her eyes closed. She needed a second to take it all in; the experience, the feeling, the sensation! When she opened her eyes, she felt somebody watching. She turned around and Mako stood there, watching her, smiling at her. She runs up to him, embraces him whilst jumping him and saying: "I love you too." They kiss and put all their love and feeling in it. Afterwards, they are stunned for a little while. They just realised that they can openly express their feelings for each other from now on....too bad it didn't really last long, their relationship.

Not even a whole BOOK! I think that most shippers had a hard time watching the episode. But I didn't. An advantage of being not involved in shippings. Anyway, MOVING ON!

When they were walking back to the compound, they remembered the time when they wanted to be together, but couldn't because Mako was with Asami. They brought back the good ol' memories: jealousy in front of the Pro-bending Arena, kissing at the Pro-bending Arena, intense training in the Pro-bending Arena, and so on.

Now that I think about it, so much has been going down between Mako and Korra in the Pro-bending Arena. Only in the first book though; in the second a little bit but they decided to call it quits when the third one came out. Bummer, because I thought that Pro-bending was a nice thing to watch....what am I doing? We have to go OOOOONNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!!!!

Feeling like a couple already, they held hands and exchanged some saliva on their way back. There was no other time before (or after) this one that they were SO happy! They felt like they could take on the whole world (and frankly...they actually could!) Love was in the air, and not just any kind of love.......Long Hidden Love was in the air. However, this meant that some people were disappointed.

Take Bolin; the dude spent some wonderful nights with Korra, more than Mako ever did with her....and she eventually kissed Mako. WHAT?!? Where did that come from? I didn't know that raw (not on first sight) love was so strong! But Bolin didn't have to worry for long... He got involved already after one boat trip, so..... he shouldn't really be jealous. That said, he had a great chance for having a relationship with Korra, so seeing her with Mako would give him a small feeling.....trailing off AGAIN! I am so sorry, let's GO!

When they arrived in the compound, looks from everybody were shot at the now called couple. Some filled with jealousy, most with joy, excitement and approval. Bolin shot Mako a look, jealous at first...but with the same emotions as the others later. He needed to get over the feeling that he wanted to do something to Mako; after all, Mako was his was all he got.

Until we arrive at Ba Sing Se in Book Three and see that Mako and Bolin have a very big family. Just saying. Continue!

When they entered the hut of Katara, Lin rushed to Korra, asking if she got her bending back. To the excitement of the whole group, she said yes. They only needed to add some decorations and food (Sokka would say: FOOOOOOOOOOOODDDDDDDDDDDDD!!!!!) and they had a party! That was the atmosphere in that medium-sized hut. Lin didn't want to wait and asked if she also could regain her earthbending skills. At this moment, everybody was sitting on the edge of their seats. There was an explosion (like in the movies of Michael Bay) of cheering and excitement. know; Lin could regain her bending etc. That was enough to start another PARTY!

FYI: I am not going to describe Lin's reconnection with her can see that in the finale of Book One. Just so you know. Doorgaan!

After the 'ceremony', the two lovebirds were sitting on the edge of an ice cliff, looking to the ocean that had a shiny effect. They just sat there, cuddling and all, enjoying the time they had with no one else around. They looked at each other, kissed, pulled away with spit flying all over the place, and looked together to the sunset. They thought they would be together forever.

But they didn't. Let's face the facts; they broke up later on in the year, so no being together forever for them. Not like all those other Disney figures that actually did end up being together forever. Besides, this isn't Disney.



"I love you."

"I love you too."

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